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Tree advice

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 14:05

I have a small, south-facing front garden in the north-east of England that I’d like to make a little bit more private by planting a few small trees/shrubs around the perimeter.


One of the prospective locations is shown in the photos below. I recently removed a huge lavender bush and have replaced it with 3 small lavender plants which I intend to keep under control by pruning them. Behind the lavender plants I’d like to plant a tree or shrub. Ideally this needs to be:


-          Fast growing;

-          Not grow too big (max 2 metres?) or be too difficult to control;

-          Not send out roots for more than about 2 metres (to prevent damage to my house/the neighbour’s house);

-          Be tolerant of full sunlight – the garden is something of a sun-trap;

-          Be tolerant of cold weather and strong winds – this is northern England!


I was thinking about something like a red acer, but have no idea if that would meet all the above requirements……..



Safe to plant bay tree near house?

Posted: 04/05/2013 at 14:35

I bought an ornamental bay tree today. It's about 1m in height and pruned to create that "lollipop" shape.

I was planning on keeping it potted, but am tempted now just to plant it in the garden. However, our garden is quite small, so it would be within 3m of our house. 

I would like to allow the tree to grow a little taller, perhaps to 1.5m and then keep it pruned back. Is it likely that the roots would ever grow out to such an extent that the foundations of the house would be put at risk?

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