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Tomato Grouping

Posted: Yesterday at 22:36

Great Stuart R,

I put vermiculite in my compost because I refuse to buy expensive compost so buy middle of the road with one grow bag, vermiculite and those slow release fertilizer balls. I mix that lot together.

It's my first year at trying this so will see, so far so good.

I do agree with good compost and do not buy cheap anymore, like I always used to, it led to a lot of disappointment.

They are fairly hardy the old tomato plant.

Thanks for your help

Tomato Grouping

Posted: Yesterday at 22:15

My contribution is this.

I water mine when it's cool.

Before and after work.

If I'm home they get watered if it's really hot. the GH was touching 40 c when I got back from work so immediately opened all the windows and door, then watered.

Tomato Grouping

Posted: Yesterday at 21:27

The above look like bush plants..what do you think?

These possibly aren't?

Gooseberry problems

Posted: Yesterday at 21:25

It might just need water and plenty of it.

I don't remember feeding mine but it gets a ton of water, it lives in shade and is nice and healthy, fruiting already but I'm not doing anything different than you, other than perhaps watering over and above the rain it gets.

Try watering them more, potash feed is also good for them but have never tried that.

it's in a pot since moving house 2 years ago and not found it's way in to the ground yet! lol

Hope this helps a wee bit, sorry I couldn't be more help.

Tomato Grouping

Posted: Yesterday at 20:44
Stuart R says:

What varieties are you growing Jimbolina? If you let a non determinate variety bush, you will get considerably less fruit than growing singly as a cordon! Your plants look very healthy, nice and stalky :)

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See original post

 I'm not 100% sure, I used the seed packet as a marker, of course the water wrecked them so have forgotten. I think there might be a bush variety in there so I'm guessing it'll be obvious when they start growing. I bought the seeds from a local garden centre, they weren't cheap but I do remember thinking, will I get something different or normal, I think I went normal.. gardeners delight, moneymaker and perhaps a yellow cherry which may be the bush?

I'm grateful of the advice on bushing toms, this is my fourth year with a greenhouse so loads to learn.

They were planted really early and I used a compost mix that seems to work very well consistently. The roots are excellent in them, those ones in the small pots were bursting out of their pots. I enjoy seeing that.

Tomato Grouping

Posted: Yesterday at 19:52

Hey philippa smith2

You're fine!

I wasn't aware of the watering and feeding, that's good to know, thanks.

I'm leaving them in pots so I guess in a pinch they could be moved, thanks for your expertise. I've not been growing long, 45 years old but just started planting.

Tomato Grouping

Posted: Yesterday at 16:10

they should be okay then, I am letting them bush though. Really looking forward to seeing them develop.

Tomato Grouping

Posted: Yesterday at 16:10

I didn't consider grow bags, these plants are staying in pots, they seem to keep their water better.

Tomato Grouping

Posted: Yesterday at 15:04

oh dear!

Tomato Grouping

Posted: Yesterday at 14:34

90% of the tomato seeds I planted struck and so I ended up with loads of unwanted plants. The poor wee things were getting totally pot bound and suffering.

I decided to put 10 plants on my staging

and 7 on the floor, which I've just pinched out.

What's the recommended distance between plants, I'm going to do nothing to the plants on the staging except top them when they get to the height of the greenhouse, I want them to bush. A little experiment and a little laziness, I don't want to remove the staging.

So the question again, in case it was buried.

What's the spacing for toms please?

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