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Harvesting Seeds

Posted: 25/07/2013 at 17:06
nutcutlet wrote (see)

It's not just the price it's the tiny number of seeds in the pack.

It's funny you should say that, i bought a packet of sweetpeas from a store, can't remember exactly where, I'm not loyal to any 1 shop, I go where the price/quality is.

Anyway I was really disappointed when I opened the packet, there was 10 seeds in the packet, I shook the packet, peered in to the bottom, got a stick in the corners and ripped open the pack to try and see if there were anymore! This may sound really sad, but I could actually feel my heart sink. It sounds daft but I felt cheated.

That, however was not the last straw for me, the last straw was looking around online for the autumn planting and getting frustrated at the prices so I thought, how hard can it be!?


I learnt that it's not good for a chap to hold on to vexation, so I'm going to stay positive and simply have a go at amassing a seed bank, and finding out as much as I can about the seed harvesting process.

I mean I've already learnt two important things today,

Let the seeds dry/rattle - leave some on the plant till they're really dry, great advice nutcutlet!

And how to seperate the goo from tomato seeds - I googled that one. I did have a go last night but I had a wee think, I left the seeds in their goo on a kitchen towl in the green house, they'll probably sprout or rot, so I decided to google the issue. I found out that it doesn't seem to hard.


Harvesting Seeds

Posted: 25/07/2013 at 16:33
nutcutlet wrote (see)

I think seeds are a ridiculous price 

You need to let those marigold seeds get darker before harvesting and let a few broad bean pods dry on the plants, they need to be mature before you dry them off.

Great idea, just let things mature. Seeds rattle about and fall out on their own when they're ripe.

Hey, great advice!

And it's not just me then, about the price of seeds, I thought I was being a right moan so it's heartwarming to hear you agree, thank you.

Harvesting Seeds

Posted: 25/07/2013 at 15:36


It may just be me but have all the prices gone up?

I go to the garden centres for seeds and I'm a little taken aback at their prices, I'm not tight with money, it just seems like a lot of money these days.

Anyway, I want to amass my own stash.

Is there anything I've to watch out for, any little wrinkles/advice on this subject.

I'll tell you what I've done since I decided to get my own seed bank.


Set aside all the Marigold deadheads

Got the Lavender stalks, taken what I believe to be the seeds, off

I'm drying out some broad been seeds, taken from the pods

Googled tomato seed harvesting, found out how to do it and am in the process of seperating the juice stuff from the tomato seeds



I just decided last night but I will go around the garden and see what else I'd like seeds of. Just seems to easy, there's got to be more to it.

Any help would be great.

Strawberries in the greenhouse?

Posted: 20/07/2013 at 19:48
little-ann wrote (see)

that is a sort of tea trolly a friend was going to throw out because it was going rusty, it is on big casters so can be moved about. do you have a charity shop near you, might find something, good luck

I think this is a great idea.

I have a few ideas myself, I thought about a big bore pipe or old chimney, the pipe may be a bit industrial and ugly and getting an old chimney is dear!

I like your trolley idea but with the bags on top of one another, stacked up, I can get really cheap mini grow bags, where the compost isn't too rich and the strawbs will be right at home. I will go fairly high an poke the plants in here and there, making it look nice, I really like the idea of them cascading and taking up no space.


I also have a bare fence that is screaming..........I'D LIKE HANGING BASKETS ALL THE WAY ALONG ME!!!!! So I'm not going to argue.

I'm really struggling to find strawberry plants for sale, all the usual places in the town and even the more obscure places don't have any, am I, in my zeal, hunting at the wrong time? Anyway off top the car boot sale tomorrow morn, see if I can get some strawberry plants and some hanging baskets.

I went to every shop in the town except the garden centers, they'd have them but they're just so dear. So they are a last resort for me, It's hard to find a balance between make do and mend and keeping the garden nice and not paying through the nose for bits and bobs.

I'm an artist you know and a living one, I'll have money when I don't have any need for!

Strawberries in the greenhouse?

Posted: 20/07/2013 at 02:30

I just thought of an idea that I'm going to think on further and perhaps even try, make a growbag tower somehow or even get some sort of tube, really wide bore, stand the tube vertically with root sized holes, if the tube were floor to ceiling you'd get tonnes of plants with very little space used.

Honestly my part of the garden is like a postage stamp, when I got my 8x6 greenhouse home, it would only fit one way, the garden I get use of is really that small.

Thanks little-ann for sparking ideas in my head, won't sleep tonight thinking about it, plus I've a feeling I'll ge on the look at for a large diameter pipe!


The growbag tower is interesting as well because as has been posted, stawberries ar really hardy and don't need any fuss so we can get away with almost any soil. I have seen these wee mini growbags from certian shops for 79p, if you stacked up a load of them in the corner, cutting a couple of big crosses in each on, top and bottom, you'd have a fine display and agiain it'd take no room up.


I see that strawberry plants are being sold as croppers right now, I thought they'd be finished by now. I went to a shop yesterday to get reduced strawberry plants for next year, they'd no old ones, just really expensive plants for planting and getting a crop off.

They must be confident that if they're planted now, you'll get a crop off them. It just shows how the seasons have changed, a good friend of mine, who loves her garden, said to me...holding on to tradition and doing garden tasks at set times of year, planting at set times with set things will frustrate you because the seasons have changed, better to listen to Monty, don't fight nature, go with the seasons. If it's a wet year, think wet year and so doing what you should when you should has to be used as a guide only, we've to be more adaptable.

Strawberries in the greenhouse?

Posted: 20/07/2013 at 02:08
little-ann wrote (see)

 i grew some in my greenhouse last year and over wintered them in there just stopped them drying out and have had a fairly good crop

Great idea, a strawberry waterfall...I really like this set up, definitely food for thought.

Strawberries in the greenhouse?

Posted: 18/07/2013 at 22:30

Hi Daisy Cottage,

I'm definately going to have a row of hanging baskets next year, interests me greatly, this summer is an exception so I'll have some outside and some in GH. My wife was pleased to hear that you had enough to make jam.

I look forward to picking the plants and organised the hanging basket system. Thanks for the encouragement.

Strawberries in the greenhouse?

Posted: 17/07/2013 at 21:24
Maud is in the garden wrote (see)

My strawberriies have been out in all weathers at the allotment and whilst ive not had a bumper crop the ones i did pick were gorgeous , so much nicer than shop bought. I also have somr in baskeys against a west facing wall at home and they have been just as good. I guess its what suits you best. Raspberries are ripening now and think i may have eaten too many of them.

We had a load of rain last 2 years and it's done my strawberries no favours, they are all in the compost, bar a few in hanging baskets. I'm going to buy new next year and perhaps put a few in the GH just to force them on a wee bit.

I used to work in Denmark, picking strawbs for a couple of seasons, those plants were out all weathers, I also worked in the bulb factories/glass houses in Holland, between the Hague and Amsterdam, that area. I never once so any strawberry greenhouses.

I tend to agree with what you say, Maud is in the garden, they're better outside, after all they're super hardy and seem to like to be hardened up.


Anyone know what strawbs take from the soil or put back, is the soil any good for anything else except the compost bin?

Strawberries in the greenhouse?

Posted: 17/07/2013 at 08:46
Hi ZombieGardener, glass is nice and clean..
Strawbs in the greenhouse over winter, not sure. These are my thoughts.....
I don't like to spoil plants, I feel they'd get flabby, as it were, no strength against diseases.
I think the winter winds and frost has alot to do with good health
If the plants get any diseases will it infect the greenhouse, might do.
The greenhouse is dead space in the winter so why not use it for something useful.
If you get the runners in to late, they'll get a better chance in the GH.
Anyway, that's my thoughts, I've overwintered runners in a pvc grow house, they seemed fine, different though because the grow house was pretty poor and I used to change them every year to combat viruses and diseases.
Thanks for the compliment, I've been working hard to get it all sorted out, really enjoyed the process.




Strawberries in the greenhouse?

Posted: 16/07/2013 at 15:25

I noticed that the strawberries in the greenhouse are far sweeter by a long chalk. Does anyone have any experience about this?

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