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Unknown Plant

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 18:37


I got this plant when it was basically a barely rooted cutting and it was back when my garden had no ground cover so I was just hoying plants in willy nilly, better than weeds was my reasoning.

Please see this photo....



 I've had it in the garden for 5 years and cut it back quite a bit each year, it grows over the steps very quickly. For the first time, last year, it flowered. I think it was because we had a really long spell of heat. It had never flowered before and my wife and I were thrilled.

We haven't seen it in any other garden here in SW Scotland.




Posted: 09/08/2013 at 22:23

Here's a few photos of the big boy I've to deal with.....







Posted: 09/08/2013 at 07:09
waterbutts wrote (see)

They sound like works of art and better as that than apple producers. Hard to tell without a photo, but sometimes things get to the end of their productive life and one has to decide whether to keep them as pets or chuck em out.

If they aren't growing it sounds as if they are going to be the former. We'll see when the photos appear!

Hi waterbutts, that's a really good point and would most definitely work with one of the trees, it's actually a really nice shape, and a little quircky, so as you say...a work of art. You have to duck every time you need into the shed at the bottom of their garden but I kinda like that eccentricity. They don't use the shed so it'll never bother them. To keep that particular tree looking balanced and nice, I would have to cut that branch off right back to the trunk. I think it may lose it's character.

It has fruit all over it as well as moss, but I'd have never have thought of keeping it as an orniment, excellent idea. I may be inclined just to leave the moss on that one.


The other fruit tree is completely different, I'm not sure if it's a weeping apple tree, I've a feeling it's an ornimental crab apple, if so I've heard that they're good pollinators. If it a pollinator, I'm not so fearful and will deal with the crossing branches and new growth. I will also get some fungicide for that one and spray it.

What's the best fungicide?

I will get some photos soon.


Posted: 08/08/2013 at 23:18

I have a couple of clients with established apple trees, I'm not sure which varieties. I will try and get some photos tomorrow as I'm doing a bit for them both then.


I'd really like to know how to care for them properly, I'd like to impress my employers, I suppose is the honest reason and I'd like to learn, I've always wanted to know how to deal with fruit trees.

I know this is the time to prune, I know how to prune young trees, I've no fear of them, but these big established trees....don't know, there doesn't seem to be any new growth on them to prune.

I'd also like to know when to spray them with fungacide as they're both covered in moss, and which is the most effective spray fungacide.


Any help please, I'd be most grateful.


Posted: 08/08/2013 at 23:08

Hi, I have just built a double bin made from wood which I have calculated will hold 1600 ltrs, that's like 7 normal household black compost bins and it wasn't dear. It cost me £52 for the wood and £4.30 for some easy drive outdoor on this link to see a piccy....My Garden Blog

I built this for a client so I added labour, the wood I got was from a saw mill, I just gave them a list of the lengths I needed, to be honest, it's cheaper just to get the lengths they already do, their standard lengths so there's no extra costs.

For this double 1600 ltr bin I ordered the following

  • 12 boards @ 1.8m long x 150mm width x 19mm depth
  • 3 posts @ 1.2 m long x 100mm x 100mm
  • 6 battons @ 1.2 m long x 100mm x 44mm

All this cost me £42 delivery was £10, screws were £4.30 for 100, easy drive.


This bin has a slotted front to get the compost in and out a bit better, I only really did that for the client as she's not as tall as me, I would just shovel the stuff out.

I was pushed to make myself after seeing the prices some folk were asking, a bin half that size was costing a lot more.


Hope this helps.

Harvesting Seeds

Posted: 28/07/2013 at 15:16
Stacey Docherty wrote (see)   A better pic

Food for thought, great in a wee garden.

Harvesting Seeds

Posted: 28/07/2013 at 15:15
James Hodds wrote (see)

I've read some where or was even told this at some point to collect seed from larger plant's to tie a paper bag around the seed head while it's still on the plant this way you can protect it from the bird's and also collect the seed's more efficiently.


Like poppy's will twist when it dry's out to disperse it's seed's

Tie a bag to the flower heads and then just cut the stem when it's finished drying 


Great idea!

Harvesting Seeds

Posted: 27/07/2013 at 23:08
Stacey Docherty wrote (see)

have you tried charity shops for seeds? I bought some spectacular poppy seeds last year and they were amazing this year .10p a packet..... I love to seed swap with work mates I always have packets land on my desk!!!! I'm an avid (armature) chilli grower and people are always bringing me seeds from there travels I have had some corkers... You were talking about strawberries did you see the garden on the move (Hampton court) pallett lettuce? I loved it so much am gonna do one for strawberries next year as I am having to get rid of my raised beds......

The garden on the move pallett lettuce, you'll have to enlighten me...

Harvesting Seeds

Posted: 27/07/2013 at 13:02

I like the idea of free seeds and the challenge and it's a winter passtime, dealing with all the dry deadheads etc... I also discovered that the seed prices drop near the end of the season, like buying summer clothes in the winter, cheaper, stock up on next years fruit and veg now, just got some seeds from the ALDI for 39p a packet so there's something to be said for having fun gathering seeds and having a balance, snap up the seeds when they're out of season and a decent price.

Saw a beautiful aubergine plant, absolutely gorgeos, very ornamental and could really see that gracing the corner of my greenhouse seasonaly, I will go see online if there's any seeds. I couldn't see any in the shops.


I'm really loving this make do and mend approach to gardening, recycling the garden rubbish as much as possible. Saw last night, the experiment with nettles vs comfrey, very interesting. I like the technical side to this, the science behind it all, feed the fruit potassiam when the fruit appears, feed the plants nitrogen when the leaves start showing to get strong leaves, get the plant good and strong, as soon as the fruit shows, get the potassiam mix in the water.

The thing is at the moment, all my tomatoes are very strong and really leafy, very thick trunks and really vibrant and strong leaves, so must get some potassiam rich feed for them....I know this is not about seeds but any ideas on the best feed to use?


Back to seeds, I've a feeling the tom seeds I'm in the process of separating are f1 as they're supermarket cherry toms. Might stick out the process to see. I must watch that and only take from my plants at the end of the year. I'll see how these ones do next year, I'll grow a plant in a big pot to judge it.

Harvesting Seeds

Posted: 25/07/2013 at 21:31

F1 plants are basically designed around money, correct me if I'm wrong. All the plants are engineered so farmers can predict their crop, they can crop all the plants at exactly the same time, saving money and making the most money.

They also are unreliable breaders, which is a design advantage to the people selling them as they will always be able to sell more.


I'm not sure if the F1 is something I'd be interested in, in my wee rustic garden.

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