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Posted: 30/12/2015 at 19:48


Well done, you are going to be busy in the months ahead!  


I have done all my wooden tool handles with clear satin yacht varnish,makes for easier handling and cleaning!



Posted: 27/12/2015 at 16:08


Detest facial hair on people, especially on men!



Posted: 26/12/2015 at 22:26


Forget stainless, a good quality carbon steel shovel (high price) is far superior to any stainless one, I bought one a few years ago, it is sharp and as it is cleaned and oiled after use it is very clean!

I have two carbon steel spades, with use they are razor sharp, I also have two stainless ones (presents) one cheap, one dearer, they look good but are fairly useless, as they cannot be sharpened even by use!

The stainless ones are left in the shed on the allotment, if they get nicked, too bad, but I take the ordinary ones home with me!




Posted: 21/12/2015 at 18:00


I have just ordered a collection of 10 various coloured John Wingfield chryth varieties!

My question is how can I grow them not to exhibition standard but for cutting for the house?

I have grown others outdoors uncovered for the house,can I grow these varieties outdoors or do they have to be under cover?

Any help would be much appreciated!


Edging allotment

Posted: 09/12/2015 at 20:56

Last year my closest three neighbours had their upvc windows replaced, (not at the same time) I got all the sills and have lined all my beds in the plot with them!

Now I have proper paths covered with wood chips to walk on, marvellous!



Garden centre recommendations

Posted: 26/11/2015 at 21:12

I also buy from Parkers sales, I love them but let's not get started on the usual 10 pages about how bad they are, please.

You just said that to annoy me Lyn!


Though I have to say they have been very, very, very good for at least the last three years or so, I haven't ordered nor  received anything from them in that time!

Why has a thread disqppeared? Who decided?

Posted: 22/11/2015 at 17:12


Where I work, if some one has not verbally abused you within half an hour of starting work, you start to think everyone has fallen out with you!

This is not bullying this is banter about football or anything else for that matter!

But this  only applies to males not females!

Hope this is not censured for offending the little darlings!


Why has a thread disqppeared? Who decided?

Posted: 22/11/2015 at 17:06

Re bees,

There has been a lot of honey bees both in the allotment and garden this year, if fact even though it has been cold wet and windy they have been lots on the flowering ivy along my rear boundary fence!

Also one of the allotment holders has been selling honey at a local market as he says he has had a bumper crop this year!

Ps did not have as many butterflies this year though!

Non Support of Poor Companies

Posted: 22/11/2015 at 16:42

Re Pennine Petal!

Interestingly the majority of people don't complain, generally because they can't be bothered, because they don't think it's worth while or because they dobn't think they will get anywhere. I do complain, because I think it is imortant, but even I sometimes can't be bothered. There are some things we put up with, we have a zone of tolerance, others we stamp our feet about.

It is VERBOTEN for Verdun to read further!

When Anemone Wild Swan was first offered, I ordered six plant plugs from them (T&M) potted them up but they started dying off almost immediately one by one!

Couldn't be bothered complaining as in the past they had supplied me with rubbish plants and it had been very difficult to get a response!

I took the opinion as it served me jolly well right as I had sworn never to order anything from them ever again and here I had broken my promise!

A long time later I discovered the Review Centre and posted on there T&M to their credit responded right away, to say let them have the order number etc and they would see what they could do!

I could not find the details but also again I could not be bothered responding to them so that was the end of that saga!

So what you say PP is very true!


Wot's it all about.....?

Posted: 05/11/2015 at 14:46

Chancers and con merchants have to be total extremists to keep their state funding and it is always other peoples money they waste,and the more extreme their views the more certain people believe them and try to deny anyone else who differs from them, plus they always have a clever dick answer waiting!

Keep burning the peat! 


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