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Anemone wild swan

Posted: 05/09/2013 at 23:50


Crocus, ordered 9 Echiacea  plants from them this spring, they were not cheap, total rubbish, in sodden wet compost, all failed to grow, they didn't want to know, got most of my money back, less carriage, gave up in the end, but never again from them!

Up to a couple of years ago I used to get wonderful plants no matter who I ordered from, now I dread opening the packaging when I have plants delivered as they are usually rubbish, with one exception, Jersey Plants Direct, they are usually excellent!

Anemone wild swan

Posted: 02/09/2013 at 20:58

Now that's what I CALL a plant, well done!


Update on my T&M Wild Swan plants,they passed away never to be seen again!

Also none of the local garden centres have had any,the usual whites or pinks, nice plants but not Wild Swan!

Ps, I have not been tempted to order from T&M again even though they sent me a £5 gift voucher a few weeks ago!


Leaf cutting bee help URGENT

Posted: 22/07/2013 at 22:11

I have them every year in my greenhouse, filling pots with their pupae which hatch the following year, they are a real pest!

They are harmless but they fly back and forth with their cut up leaves.

I catch them and keep them in a plastic bottle and let them go on my way to work, it is usless just letting them go a short distance away as they are soon back carring leaves to "their" pot, but by taking them some miles away they do not return!


Posted: 06/07/2013 at 20:39



Fantasia is excellent, large berries excellent taste and seldom find any maggots in the fruit unlike wild ones!

I grow mine on wires strung from scaffolding poles,the area is  about 20feet long 7 feet high and at the moment 3 feet deep.

  I do feed it well and prune very hard autumn with a light prune in early summer to keep it in shape!


Only draw back really, really wicked thorns!

Anemone Wild Swan

Posted: 04/06/2013 at 20:55


I had been so looking forward to seeing mine bloom, guess I will have to wait another year to see it in the flesh!


Anyway enjoy it when it blooms!



Anemone Wild Swan

Posted: 04/06/2013 at 16:14



well, lazy gardener wild swan is worth waiting for.  buds soon to open on mine


Bah, shouldn't be allowed!


Ps why are all the best plants the hardest to grow?

Anemone Wild Swan

Posted: 28/05/2013 at 19:53

Earlier this year I bought 10 eachinacea in 1 litre pots from Crocus, total and utter crap and expensive, completly sodden compost,  all but two of them failed to  grow, they replaced those that had failed to grow, with totally the same crap, which all died, after a lot of hassle they have refunded me half the cost, though not carriage costs!

Then I read that they were supplying one of the Chelsea show gardens, I bet they got better plants than they sent to me!

I then ordered from Simplyseedsand plants, these were plugs grown from tissue culture, all are grow fine so far!

And the motto is-- Crocus and barge poles go together!

Anemone Wild Swan

Posted: 28/05/2013 at 12:25

Hello Verdun,

Yes i bet i did, wise after the event!

They look smashing in photo's and a video, exasperated that they will not grow on!


Anemone Wild Swan

Posted: 27/05/2013 at 19:57

Anyone have it, I got two plugs last year, so far they have just "sat there", every now and again they grow a new leaf and one of the others promply rots, so it's one step forward and promply one step back!

They are about half an inch above the soil in their pots, never have got any taller!

I have other anemones in the garden, thugs and tough as old boots, I have to chop them back every so often as they would take over if left, so why is Wild Swan so delicate?

I also ordered some more last year from that terrible company T & M for delivery in June, then thet said July then Sept, then June this year now I have been told by the end of Sept,I live in hope!

Seeing they are difficult to get hold of, either there has been terrific demand for them or else the company that propagates them has difficulty in increasing their stock besides me trying to get them to actually grow!

I would like to hear others experience of Wild Swan or T & M.


Plant of the centenary

Posted: 27/05/2013 at 19:40


Before Mr Russell developed his lupins they were not very impressive, look at them now!

I grow both geraniums and lupins, I have had requests for lupin plants and seed, never geraniums!

I think it is about the"best football team ever" syndrome picked by teenagers, they only pick from the current and last years players and because they are the only ones entering their teams win!

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