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Morning Glory leaves are shriveling up

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 11:45

Yellowing leaves would indicate too cold at night, so shrivelling leaves could just be 'scorched' by any sunlight coming through the glass.

If in doubt, time enough to sow some more & they'll soon catch up. J.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 11:42

Wet, but not anywhere as windy (gales) as yesterday, thank goodness. No damage done. About 10C outside at the mo.

The garden looks very 'lush' now, still the odd late Narcissus out, but after the dry spell lots of my spring bulbs went over very quickly. My Tulip pots have perked up & the 'rogue' ones in various borders are all up & out as usual. I dont ever try to comp[ost old tulip bulbs now!!

I have made a note of what should be starting as it's so late this yr. So easy to forget. J.


pieris forest flame

Posted: 07/05/2013 at 20:58

They are best in part shade & acid/neutral soil. If in a container then ericaceous compost is needed.

Evergreen plants do drop some of their leaves in the spring, so it could be that? If container grown is it dry? Even if a new planting in a border it'll need more watering with all this dry weather. J.


What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 07/05/2013 at 20:52

Had a busy few days over this w/end, but spent all of today in garden & most of yesterday, when it was far too hot to be in the greenhouse by afternoon, even with the door wide open. Pricking out did get done though, phew.

I sensibly did all my greenhouse related tasks first thing today. More seeds sown & various houseplants sorted out. Lawn cut, some planting of container grown plants too.

It actually reached 22+C at about 5pm in my back garden in WManchester.

Have 2 coldframes full to bursting & the bedroom windowsills & porch too, but we're due to get colder again by end of the week, so the shuffling around of things now on hold & the fleece is ready! J.

EVIL Japanese Anemone

Posted: 01/05/2013 at 19:04

I shouldnt have 'spoken' so soon......

I've discovered that the one in the Ashwood hellebore bed is a THUG!! Quite a few bits now in council wheely bin, a couple of bits in pots for daughter- brave soul. I plan to reposition some more 'bits' into a currently 'empty' patch from where I've nearly removed a Viburnum Tinus- the soil there is very impoverished, in shade & If it takes, great! Cant remember variety, but it's worth a try.

I checked on my others, all showing nicely now & being well behaved. J.

Best proven seeding compost

Posted: 01/05/2013 at 18:51

I've had several good yrs using B&Q's Verve seed & cuttings compost. This yr no exception, so far. The composition is different from previous yrs, but still my first choice.

I do then pot on/up into JI no2. J.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 01/05/2013 at 07:46

We actually reached 16C yesterday! Wasnt able to garden, but intend to do so today.

Bright sun from the word go so far. Have opened up the coldframes & fed the birds. Lots to do out there & in greenhouse if the predicted showers arrive. J.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 17:19

Sun & showers & a strong wind in both NEast Derbyshire this morning & WManchester this afternoon.

Tomorrow should be better & am out all day!

So whatever Wed's weather throws at us I shall be doing something outside/inside greenhouse......... J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 17:06

Cloudy skies, oh yes....! Just one of those annoying situations. Never mind more room for something else..... J.

Morning Glory seedlings

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 17:03

I'd sow some more! Plenty of time & the later sowing will romp away/catch up & look more healthy.

MG really sulk if the nightime temps too cool, so I never sow until early May. Learnt the hard way.....

You also said that they were on a N facing sill..... definitely too cold for them. Sorry, J.

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