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Signs of Spring!!!

Posted: 19/11/2012 at 12:45

The muscari are starting to show their shoots in my front- I always have to take care when cutting back dead/dying stuff as I tend to think it's grass! They wont flower until they should, but it's nice to see them up & ready to go. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 19/11/2012 at 12:36

How the heck is a bed delivery not allowed to go into the house? Stupid or what?

Grr, doorbell just rung- despite note on saying not to disturb- roof salesman got very short shrift!

Having my soup & crusty bread now. Tumbler going & washer on again, so less cost to tumble a 2cnd load straight after the first. I do prefer to hang washing out but no chance today!

We've got Operation too. J.

What's for tea?

Posted: 19/11/2012 at 11:50

artjak- re the Remoska. Yes pricey- one of OH's 'wants' but I do use it more than I realised. If you know that your worktop space is limited, then I suspect it's not worth it. IME any gadget that lives in/on top of a cupboard rarely gets used!

Having an electric oven, & with the increasing cost of electricity, the Remoska uses so little in comparison that I'm definitely experimenting with it more & more.

Liked the pear recipe too- I do something similar in the Remoska!

Tonights' meal- Monday, so macaroni cheese over cauli- soo predictable but makes life very easy. I used to work regular Mondays so needed to cook on auto pilot. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 19/11/2012 at 11:40

Morning all.

Flo & Bjay, keep warm & drink plenty.

So far today not too bad energy-wise, but am not trying to do much. Whoevever said about the course helping- yes there's a session on how to spot the signs & deal with it.

Weather wild out there today. I did nip down to shed to collect a couple of cardboard boxes for the charity things as need the 'crate' that most are still in. 

Was going to nip to GC for new birdfeeder(s) but cant be bothered with it being so rotten out there, so am hibernating today. Keeping quiet for a while as daughter asleep until later. She had a rotten journey home with MWay closed & the surrounding roads murder. Manchester regular gridlock!

Couldnt get into that Crinkly thing last night. OH glad when I found something else.

Just noticed that OH has taken all but 1 banana with him & all the cheese bread rolls! I know I said having Tesco delivery tomorrow- yes I altered delivery slot- but really.... J.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 19/11/2012 at 11:22

Well we did get up to the park, but the majority of leaves had already fallen.

The rest will probabaly go today- wet, wild & windy out there now. Day for staying indoors. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/11/2012 at 19:36

Bjay- having eaten all my Austrian chocolate in the house that was mine & the Aldi equivalent I couldnt possibly comment.....

Dean- dont you dare feel sorry for me! People a lot worse than me. This course at the hospital over the next 4 weeks is supposed to help me to cope.

Now to fill in the questionaire they've sent me to complete before the course & will have another afterwards. Hate these things, but if it helps.....

Going to TV flop now. Night all. J.


Fork Handles

Posted: 18/11/2012 at 18:50

Dean, good of you to help your colleague. I do hope that any treatment he has doesnt knock him about too much.

It always makes me feel guilty when I see other, much younger patients than me, often looking so cheerful when I've had a 'moaning' day. J.

Hippeastrum (amaryllis)

Posted: 18/11/2012 at 16:23

Dont apologise Alina.

I never thought to keep the stem in situe, but did feed mine, usually once, & move the plant pot into a cooler spot in the house until it started to die back properly. Then it went into the greenhouse as I said. J.



fallen leaves

Posted: 18/11/2012 at 16:17

Collecting leaves in either black plastic bin liners or empty compost bags & stashed behind a shed or garage will take about 1-2yrs IME to fully rot down. Well worth the wait though, as the resulting leaf mould is an excellent soil improver, especially for shadier borders, but can be used as an all round mulch.

Had you considered a wormery to compost some of your resulting garden waste? Have a look at beehive type compost bins too. Smallish & not unattractive in appearance. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/11/2012 at 15:22

Made me smile.

OH & me have walked, well wobbled in my case, up to & around the park. OH forgot to take the geo-caching bumph, so I sat in the sun & he took photos. Very few leaves left on trees though. Fresh air done us both good.

Have just had another piece of his banana & walnut cake- yummy.

I still need to finish cutting back/tidying one border in the back & the front- which is still looking good. Need OH's car to be out of the way to do that one, so even if had felt up to it today it wouldnt have been possible.

Whilst walking I finally got OH to discuss presents for daughter & his sister, which have to be postable! Doesnt he realise that shopping is getting to be murder even now? No comprehension, nor of the cost of postage for 'oh she'll need a parcel to open' ! J.

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