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What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 04/11/2012 at 14:14

WManchester is bright & breezy again, although clouding over again now.About 8C out there now.

We too were below freezing first thing & you could just see it on the grass.

No gardening for me today though. We are having a BIG sort out of 'stuff', you know the sort of thing that gets in your way for a couple of yrs & then you wonder why?

So now a pile for tip, to keep, charity pick-up, & really must sort out properly. We'll get there! J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 04/11/2012 at 13:43

Well I think we're getting there. Daughter & me being much more ruthless than OH. I have just put some of his Mum's personal things he had into a tin. I wouldnt touch those.

It's very difficult clearing out someones' house when they are still alive. I almost felt it was worse than if Dad had actually gone. I felt so guilty.

I still have a bag of my Mum's things under the spare bed. I couldnt do it all those yrs ago, nor when we cleared their house in'11 & know it'll be very difficult even now.

Daughter has just shamed me by cleaning the inside of the door of the ex-airing cupboard. Boy does it look better! Wont need to repaint it now!

Have also consigned a weeping fig houseplant, varigated version, into the unheated greenhouse! Cruel yes, as it wont survive, but it's too big, drops leaves everywhere wherever it lives & I've not got a larger pot for it next yr. It was about 50p I think from the sell-off rack at Homebase many yrs back. I need to rescue the polished stones that are deorating (!) the top of the compost, but then into the compost bin in the sky......

Re that firework accident- not too far away from us. Police etc all trying to track down the source of them. They've found another not too far way I think. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 04/11/2012 at 12:04

Well am getting there. OH will go back up into loft later to bring down the 2 boxes of Dad's clothes that the charity people can have. Daughter has gift aid for them so that all helps. The electrical 'stuff' that we brought back from dad's house all to go, p[lus a couple of small appliances that OH insisted on buying & now never uses!

Daughter doing a sauce to go with the chappatis that OH insisted he wanted last shopping trip..... & our bed is getting clear. Daughter & me off up to tip tomorrow! J.

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Posted: 04/11/2012 at 11:11

Bjay, I dont like QOTN tulips either & wasnt too impressed with Spring green either.

Purissima & PI for me now on. Treat as annuals & do in pots. Still got the odd unknown red, yellow & some Purissima that reliably pop up evrey yr in various beds. Just leave them be.

News this end- OH is sorting in his room, daughter doing 2cnd coat of paint, box of stuff in porch been sorted!

Now have box for tip, plus old kitchen steps, crate of 'to keep' apparently when I (!!) have sorted out all those 'b' plant pots (covers actually) in the garage so then OH can refill it with all his junk- How are we ever going to get sorted IF we ever need to move?

Charity stuff, shall phone for collection pick up this week, is in crate in hall. so now more room in spare room, where ottaman now has boxes of photos plonked on it. Our bed still covered, need to get OH to see if his little tv works with the old indoor ariel we have up there. Could be useful as tv/video combined- yay- so then can play the videos.

Back later, J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 04/11/2012 at 10:10

Me again- I love T. Princess Irene too. Mine due to go into a large pot sometime soon.

Daughter now wearing a headscarf, but has no idea where an old pair of spex are likely to be...... think shall give up!

Will catch up properly on posts later, J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 04/11/2012 at 10:07

Morning all.

Organised (?!!) chaos here! All actually quiet at the mo.....

Daughter painting. Big argument between her & OH as to the extent of surfaces actually needing doing. OH lost by 2:1!

OH needs the desk in his study/workshop, so it's been reprieved. I've cleared it- dumped stuff from it on our bed. My back muscle keeps threatening to 'go' again, getting def twinges, so not sure about me being involved with the carrying it downstairs. Oh it's just come down, good job I removed the box crate form halfway- more long-term sorting required- Dad's photos.

OH now having to sort the 'junk', sorry, 'very important must be kept at all costs' in workshop, so space will be created for the computer table. Involves moving filing cabinet to under a workbench etc etc, you get the idea!

His TV going into our bedroom, from which the old tv, not now working methinks is going to the tip- no prizes for who will end up doing that after all!

Have got my 2cnd coffee, vital, & am about to go sort out 'stuff' upstairs.

The cushion covers still to be changed.......

Oh there is a tv dumped on our bed......byee, J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 03/11/2012 at 19:35

Impressive Bjay. BTW just soak the pan, overnight, in hot water with some WUL in it. That should do the trick, or if not baking soda maybe?

Kate- wouldnt want a new house- too small, sorry. Got used to space.

Am cross, cant see the big firework display from nearby-ish park. Trees now too big & still in leaf. Used to sit at daughter's window, in the dark, & get a brill view without all the hassle of walking down etc. 20+yrs on & trees still not lost their leaves & they are now huge sycamores!

Have finally opened OH's post. I did know what it was likely to be & wanted to be super efficient & file the documents away- job done!

No chance to watch Strictly here, just given up these days.

Off to change cushion covers..... J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 03/11/2012 at 15:53

Oh I'd love to just chill out! Somehow not in my nature?

No, seriously we've lived here almost 30yrs & done the barest minimum to the property- bought already extended & in good nick, then! So it's catching up on us.

OH's businesses took up most of his time in previous yrs. I just worked part-time & took care of the garden & everything else I could manage. Doesnt help that I loathe having workmen around- can you tell? Now OH lives away most of the week, me being ill, daughter doing regular night shifts doesnt help matters. But the boiler suddenly playing up was the catalyst & knowing that we also want to move elsewhere once my treatment finished, we've had to get 'stuck in' so to speak.

Now to think of tonight's meal..... J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 03/11/2012 at 14:59

OH of course has now gone to sleep whilst firmly clutching the tv remote!

Have asked daughter not to even try painting the inside of the cupboard door. Nothing dries at this time of year- I'll sort it out, possibly, next'll need sanding down quickly to allow any paint to stick as obviously been glossed at some point in its life. Dont think we've ever done that. I tend to do the paintwork around here & I know I only did the door on the outside. OH could try making it less inclined to stick though. Also how about him actually redoing the light fittings in our room & landing. We can then use the new lampshades instead of them lying around in spare room.

What I have decided to do tomorrow whilst supervising the painting job, of course, is to try & sort out stuff/things on/under daughter's (!!) computer table, now defunct, in the spare room. Then perhaps OH could take it to the tip? Then I can move Mum's ottaman, which is really useful storage, from the landing into there. Then the new dehumidifyer can go on landing as before. Phew! Even better if OH could go through the box of 'things' in the porch- all brought from Dad's utility room. Am sure all of the stuff should just go, but OH has also dumped things in there & now I dont know who's is what!

Everyone keeping up?

Wonders will never cease, OH has just agreed to do some sorting tomorrow! J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 03/11/2012 at 14:10

Afternoon all.

Despite it being a reasonable day here-actually sun at the mo, but soooo soggy- darent go outside to do things as am keeping an 'eye', on OH. Keep being consulted, as he has started to 'fit' some shelves back into my 'ex-airing' cupboard. Daughter is planning to paint it inside before OH glues the shelving slats in place. Slight problem is she's going out soon, so wont do until tomorrow & has insisted that she does it. Another day of stuff all over the place, but I cant be bothered to argue any more........

We did have a major crisis last night- heating on, getting too warm, when OH went into study/his workshop to see water cascading down the back wall!!

The elderly bath tap just couldnt stand the high pressure from the new system & was leaking BIG time! Of course it was my fault that OH hadnt got a new washer of the correct size. Oh & of course all his valuable old magazines & paperwork dumped under the table/ on shelves in there were getting wet!

So some temporary repair done involving a jey cloth wrapped around the tap & allowing the water to drip into the bath, not down the pipe & the wall.No drip in the workshop now- phew.

Today, new washer purchased, fitted & even a new seal around the bath been done. Ok having a new bath done at end of month, but needs must. On a +ve note the shower is now sooo fierce that daughter turned the nozzzle to a less intense setting. Roll on the new one though.

Am off to investigate the paint situation though..... J.

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