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What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 18/09/2012 at 14:38

Bright then blustery showers out there today, in Manchester. Have opened up both the greenhouse & one coldframe a wee bit but must close both later on.

Managed a supermarket shop & unloaded the car without getting soaked, but plans to walk up to local shops now abandoned.

Actually put the heating back on yesterday & will be swopping to a slightly thicker duvet soon! J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/09/2012 at 14:30

Flo. Twinks will be enjoying life with all that company, but not easy for you.

It's rather blustery out there today. Did a 'big' tesco shop only to discover had put the 'in-date' £ off voucher onto the fridge & brought the out of date one with me! All bits put away, bar the upstairs stuff- daughter asleep after night duty so that cant be done. As ususal workmen next door, virtually under daughters' bedroom window.........

Have received the awaited scan appointment, week before next hospital appointment, which arrived last week. Now can organise my social- ha- life around them. Need to get down to NWorcs sometime soon & meet up with old friend/neighbour. Also need to get out with another friend up here, but she busy when I'm free at the mo.

Oh yes forgot- the Ikea saga- cabinet now discontinued & non anywhere in UK! Wouldnt issue refund to me, even though t'was me who punched in the PIN number for card, as OH first named on card! Anyway he sorted out the refund. We know which alternative we'll probably get, but am going to check it out first & could we wait until after Christmas please?

My green tomatoes get put onto a sunny windowsill & most do ripen quite well. Never tried fried green tomatoes though, quite like the sound of those. Shall investigate. J.


Posted: 17/09/2012 at 19:57

Sorry George, no photo.

Fork Handles

Posted: 17/09/2012 at 19:56

B****r, another post gone awol!

Geoff I agree re only September & heating, but the lounge only gets sun, if any, until lunchtime & if the wind strong, as now, tis nippy sat in here, even with layers of clothes! Will only be on a short while anyway, timer will cut in.

Flo- ground crew excellent idea! J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 17/09/2012 at 19:30

Ok I think I get the gist...... noway re parachute jump for me! Balance suspect at the best of times & heights...... just dont go there. Thank goodness daughters' appointment was on the ground floor this morning. The lifts were on the outside of the building & am not a happy bunny in any lift these days. Was quite prepared to settle down on one of the comfy sofas I'd spotted, but no need, phew.

Have given in & put the heating on for the first time this Autumn. Both of us were cold, so no argument.

Had mascapone stirfry for meal- do a veg stirfry then pop in a casserole dish with melted mascapone, any cooked pasta & slosh of white wine, if available. Top with grated cheese & grill until brown. Yummy.

Becks- glad you had a good hol. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 17/09/2012 at 16:41

Noooo cake! Too much strudle when on hols, so am trying (!) to be good.

You've lost me Geoff! J.

Help with overwintering Strawberries, Please

Posted: 17/09/2012 at 16:38

Mine are totally out of step too- tyring to fruit now with no real hope at this time of year.

With yours, depending whereabouts in UK you are, I'd be inclined to put the pots into the coldframe for the time being- you may get some acceptable fruit, but time is running out this season.You could also plant out into soil now & they would cope over winter with no or minimal protection.

Anything in pots, even in a coldframe, would be better in the cold weather if the pots are insulated- bubblewrap fine. This will protect the roots from freezing.

Yes they will need some watering over the winter, not too much, nor too often & removal of any obviously dead/dying foliage to prevent the spread of mould to healthy foliage.

Next Spring you can gradually get the plants used to being out of the coldframe before either planting them out in the ground or repotting in fresh compost ready for the season next year. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 17/09/2012 at 16:22

Sorry folks- nobody is having my new silk scarf - bought this morning in Manchester! I also got a cheapy one from H&M, not silk.

Think have more energy today- not too sure though as was pretty wobbly going up to bustop this morning. 'B' freezing it was too & because we, daughter & me, were early we couldnt get a family ticket! Only saves about 30p but it's the principle! She, not me, had an appointment in town & I was muttering about 'why didnt I stay in bed?' for quite a while. Mondays' bad as OH leaves at about 5.30am so totally disrupted day. J.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 17/09/2012 at 16:09

Well the promised rain today hasnt arrived - yet!! Washing drying nicely. Windy now & pretty bright.

T'was rather nippy though first thing this morning with a keen wind. Had to go into central Manchester by bus & was glad had left a pair of wooly gloves in coat pocket after our Austrian holiday! J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 15/09/2012 at 21:27

Gosh you lot can chat!

After another 'session' yesterday & am not brill at the mo- even this drug has side-effects & they are increasing every time I get a dose. Oh well, over half way I think.

Did a bit of deadheading & not much else outside today. Those poor seedlings still to be pricked out. Daughter on nights part of next week so a good job to do in greenhouse come rain or shine, when being quiet inside is required.

Off to tackle the crossword now, night. J.

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