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Fork Handles

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 22:07

Yes, congrats Sue!

Too right Becks. I was thinking double that! Petrol, food, painkillers..... 

I think OH will not be pleased when she says the paint colour they, mainly she, did yesterday hasnt dried to quite what she wants after all...

Off now, to read up on fruit tree pruning....... night all, J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 21:59

Phew, just amended Tesco for tomorrow. Nearly forgot.

Sort of watching the cute penguins. Daughter back, more painting , already gone up to bed. She did point out how much dryer the 'lawn' was after the couple of dry, sunny days we'd had. Hmm, still totally soggy in my book. Shall 'spike it' & top dress with her old play sand! Knew I'd find a use for it after all these yrs. I seriously think shall 'find' a path to one side of it as you can see the change in grass (!) texture/colour when you look out of the bedroom window.

Have printed off RHS pruning advice for old trees- poster put links on for me, otherwise I'd be floundering around their site. Bjay- I've got a huge RHS bible too, must consult it more often, but not really portable.

Somehow the usual advice re leaving an established/neglected garden alone for the first yr is going to be very difficult. Still little at a time. Shall do the nearest bits to the house first & the bottom bit whenever- that's the worst bit for hidden objects I found.

The front garden isnt too big, a joint Leyland hedge between the 2 houses, beautifully trimmed to a sensible lowish height. A green patch, moss. A couple of sorry looking Hebes- not enough space nor sun so they wont do well. A mop-head  hydrangea, 2 nice-looking, thin conifers, still small, a skimmia, some bulbs- yay- & real primroses- not polyanthus! On the verge outside is a mature copper beech. All in all it's a good size plot, so how much should I charge?? J.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 20:59

Like a lot of people I've had several good gardening days, with the resulting pulled muscles.

This morning was below freezing, just, but the sun arrived later on & after all my jobs out there were done, I sat out, well wrapped up & just enjoyed listening to the birds singing.

Temperature dropping to near freezing already tonight. J.

It Is Not Spring Yet !!!

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 20:51

I know Geoff, I know.... still to sow any seeds. I did prune my lacecap Hydrangea today- ok tempting fate, but otherwise I'll demolish all the emerging bulbs/herbaceous around it if I left it much longer. BTW havent pruned it hard, so can still do some remedial pruning if needs be later on, but then the demolision..... J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 20:43

Wont need a bedroom there Geoff, it's not that far away, but just far enough....

I think it's the fear of the unknown re the fruit tree maintenance. Daughter isnt totally sure that she wants to keep them, but they are so old & interesting to look at it would be a real shame not to try. But it's not my garden, so who knows, she's agreed to leave them for now.

This morning we were all taking painkillers! Daughter's hand & arm from painting the ceilings/walls, OH's hips playing up again & me with what a footballer would call a 'groin injury' from all the stretching etc I'd done. So what did I do today? More gardening/pruning      . Never learn. J.

Care & maintenance of elderly Bramley apple trees.

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 20:32

Thx for the links Bob.

Have printed off the advice & shall have a good look at them next time I'm up there. Luckily I already use a good tree surgeon, so if I nec will contact him. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 20:16

What.......? Obviously rambled on far too long.....

Going to frighten myself even more reading up on apple tree pruning now. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 20:14

Am back again. Glad poorly Forkers are slowly improving.

I can hear that b****y boiler again!! Noway is it some sort of overload, 'so please have more radiators 'on full' '. OH contacting manufacturers later this week, but I shall phone head engineer again tomorrow & play merry hell & demand that manufacturer gets involved pronto! Bet he'll be out when I get to phone as I've got things to do tomorrow as well.

Becks- I think, pretty sure, those bulbs are bluebells. probably of the thuggish Spanish variety. Mine are already showing up here.

Dean- I could do with your help re daughter's garden. Joking, but seriously it's going to be one hell of a learning curve & a lot of graft!

The adjacent neighbours are gardeners, their veg patch made me drool, & nosey with it. Having said that, they're going to pull out for us the 2 wheely bins we've filled already. T'other side keep chucks, & the next dr to them as well. Soil is boggy, but apparently very fertile & the original owner had loads of muck delivered/used every yr for yrs!

I hard pruned a large budlea & a rose, attacked a wayward Pyracantha, cut out dead wood from a spreading Azalea. There's loads of huge brambles, moss, couch grass, ivy everywhere. Identified several things, not all. Not many bulbs though. Was told about the 2 Bramley apple trees & the pear. No, not a stream at the one side, just very, very damp- moorgrass clumps everywhere. Several miserable shrubs, not just needing maintenance, just totally inappropriate for their site. We shall decide about those as time goes on.

Discovered that the wall of the semi-derilect garage is actually the boundary 'wall', but it's demolision will have to wait until funds permit. In the meantime I've attacked & almost cleared the bed in front of the patio/side of garage. That is going to be a good 'bog' garden I think as, to add to the soils' drainage problems, there is no guttering from the 'garage' roof, so extra dampness. I've got lots of the ivy out of there, cut the honeysuckle to the ground, it'll come back, but we can train it properly. Almost removed the deciduous berberis that we dont want there, totally the wrong place & anyway there's another down the bottom of the garden. The compost bin- pallets- is full with either leafmould or well rotted compost, so that'll get used up in my effort to try & improve the soil there.

I think we may have to 'get a man & van/skip' in as there is lots of rubble everywhere. Quite dangerous walking in overgrown stuff when you're not sure actually what is beneath.

Pointed out to daughter that the bottom, say third, of the garden is going to be in part-shade because of the chicken-keeping neighbours Lawson, plus tatty tree house, being just adjacent to the fence. There's also a mature Horse Chestnut overhanging  the far side of the 'gardeners' fence- much to their disgust. I did fight my way to check out the state of the very back fence panels & they actually felt quite solid & have shrubs (?) growing on the other side of them, so access from a roadway behind there is going to be restricted- good.

All in all, I foresee a lot of hard graft, me, but once I've got my head around a sunny, damp garden instead of a dry, shadey one, it'll be fine. Have already taken up her tools, they were my Mum's, her blue plastic trug & an older pair of loppers & secataurs to leave, so I dont have to cart stuff up there everytime I go.

Whilst I was outside, having taken a picnic lunch for us all on both days, they were changing locks, painting, doing all sorts inside. I've washed 2 sets of curtains this evening & they'll go outside here tomorrow.

Now to

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 18:09

I'm here. Cream crackered after 2 further days of gardening. Swallowing painkillers for pulled muscles & need some help & advice. I've posted 2 new threads on the boards- help!!

Going to do meal now, back later & will try & catch up, unless someone does a brief precis? J.

Care & maintenance of elderly Bramley apple trees.

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 18:06

My daughter has inherited 2 very elderly, neglected but still productive, Bramley apple trees. I have got John Cushnie's 'How to Prune', but feel rather daunted by the task.

There is also a smaller, younger pear tree, of unknown variety which looks as if it's been pruned recently.

All tips/advice on their care gratefully received. J.

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