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Fork Handles

Posted: 04/01/2013 at 10:06

Geoff, mind did! The sticking window was the problem she said.

Right, I too need to get dressed & do something. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 04/01/2013 at 10:04

Well now it's light it isnt actually raining, nor blowing a gale.

Cant get my car out of garage as daughter gone off leaving hers parked on drive! Spare keys somewhere in her room & I wont go rooting. So one plan for today scuppered! I just hope she gets back before OH arrives as he wont be impressed, especially as next door have some white van man parked where OH/daughter would like to park.

So shall walk up to local shops just to get a few bits & stretch my legs. Walking better for me anyway. Then shall get out into garden- waterproof trousers though as everywhere soaking. J.

greenhouse troughs

Posted: 04/01/2013 at 08:57

I'd be inclined to use the troughs for the tomatoes this yr. They can make quite big plants, depending on variety. Peppers, aubergines etc will do fine in large pots either on the floor or on the staging.

Early salad leaves could be done in the troughs before you need to put in the tomato plants. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 04/01/2013 at 08:51

Nope, up, having breakfast & wondering what on earth daughter up to? A lot of banging & thumping from up there....

Ah, first harlequin ladybird of the yr crawling up the insde of her window. Now caught & put outside. WD40, which you always keep in your bedside cabinet (!), applied to stiff window which now moves smoothly.

She's off to meet up with friend later, so peace will reign. J.

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Posted: 03/01/2013 at 19:57

Becks CITV this w/end doing old childrens' programs- some may interest Jess. Then she'll hopefully give you a chance?

Need to go down to shed tomorrow to get the big roll of strong twine to tie up tree box. Box was actually a Dyson box, but does just as well. We've also nearly run out of parcel tape, as well as ordinary string- so on shopping list.

Forecast looks much better, well couldnt be worse, for us over next few days. So I shall get into garden to actually do something!

The ironing can wait..... shattered now. Keep forgetting am supposed to take things easy occasionally. Then the tiredness suddenly arrives & nothing gets done at all.

Signing off now to flop, J.


Fork Handles

Posted: 03/01/2013 at 19:03

Oh Dean, that's good. never easy, but sounds as if you all 'did him proud'.

Bjay- you never know... Seriously me & OH are planning to do more 'sightseeing' visits down Worcs/Gloucs/Shropshire areas in the future. Daft now no actual connections, just memories. Over the last yrs we've always stayed in NWorcs/Black country borders, with Dad. Apart from trips down to Oxford to OH's Aunt/uni drop offs/pick ups we rarely explored much further. We're NT members, so really must use it more down there.

Tree now 'apart' so need to flatten into the box & tape box up. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 03/01/2013 at 18:08

Not tried, nor ever will, snails- ugh. Prefer stamping on them!

Did kep it simple- Tomato filled pasta from feeezer with homemade, also from freezer, red pepper sauce, with chunks of feta. Started with budget tacco 'chips' with OOD salsa sauce whilst cooking. Daughter's idea not mine........

Apparently, I dismantled the tree wrong last yr- TBH I'm not sure that it was me, but someone insists it was. Anyway this made it very difficult for daughter to put up again this- oops last- yr., or so she says......

She's also parked her car in front of garage- hmm, wonder if OH coming back early? Not my problem....

Decided not to do any more cleaning until after the w/end. Nobody will notice, 'cept me, so if any chance of going into garden I'm out there. J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 03/01/2013 at 16:28

Oh Geoffrey! daughter's fav show!!  J.

Fork Handles

Posted: 03/01/2013 at 16:09

Have collapsed for a bit- phew. When did I ever last actually move the sofa, 3 seater, properly? At least it's now hoovered beneath- only 1p, some Kinex bits & a small bit of black plastic tube - no idea about that!

Tree is still not in the box. I cant work out how to pull the final section apart- bright red face, much struggling, etc & it wont budge. It's got to come apart somehow, but am blowed if I can work it out....

I still want to clean kitchen etc, but it just may not get done today after all. Think tea will be whatever I find in the freezer.

The big Kinex wheel-thingy (proper name escapes me at the mo) is still up. OH will be dismantling that this w/end!

Right, a bit more hoovering to do. Why is it that bits of tinsel/glitter etc stay despite the cleaning? J.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 03/01/2013 at 14:04

I need one more day out there to finally finish the last cut back/tidy up! I would like to remove the old/tatty Hellebore leaves asap as their buds will be showing any time now. They are scattered around a border which also has loads of bulbs, so damage can be done if the Hellebores get left until later.

The pruning of the fruit bushes can wait for a bit, even until they start to show, but then asap & get the netting up/over re the bullfinches around here!

I also need to get to grips with yet another moss infested border, but again it'll have to wait...

My Uncle had an orchard in Vale of Evesham- oh 'plum tummy ache' was part of my childhood. Grew cowslips there too.

Oh well, light on again... J.

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