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Posted: 31/08/2014 at 11:28

Devil's Coach Horse - Ocypus elens. Can give you a bit of a nip!

Any ideas what this is?

Posted: 29/08/2014 at 09:58

And stain your carpets.

Poisoned trees

Posted: 29/08/2014 at 09:56

The customer's always right, WO, unless you can persuade them otherwise!

Leaf Problems

Posted: 28/08/2014 at 12:22

What plants are they; what's the soil like; aspect; have you watered them much?

Poisoned trees

Posted: 28/08/2014 at 12:18

I have plenty of gardens with Leylandii hedges - none of them are aggressive!

praying mantis in my lime tree

Posted: 28/08/2014 at 10:24

It might have been imported with the tree - did you buy it this year?

Poisoned trees

Posted: 28/08/2014 at 10:21

Nevertheless, Assad, if this was a deliberate act it is criminal damage. I'm sure tests could be carried out on the trees and/or the soil. If no-one else has access to this part of your garden and the tests were positive it would appear that it was indeed your neighbour's action. This would then look like one of those cases where the neighbour thinks theirs is the only valid opinion, and if they win this one they'll expect to impose themselves on you in the future.

Alan, the question of what happens in the garden if Assad moves house is not his problem. No-one wants neighbour disputes but the quickest way to have one is to not be assertive.

I think I would plant new trees and have a chat with the neighbour about how the trees had mysteriously died and you were replacing them so you could have a 6-ft hedge. You might get some interesting body language.

Make sure you plant the new trees well back from the boundary so that you can get round to the other side to maintain it.

Makes you Wonder!

Posted: 28/08/2014 at 10:03

KEF, you've got thinner skin than an onion!

Autumn lawn maintenance visit

Posted: 27/08/2014 at 06:46

Tootles, I think your scepticism about the cost of the visit from Green Thumb is because you're ignoring the cost of paying these guys a wage, paying to buy and run a van with a tank of diesel, paying insurance premiums, paying for dead time on the road between jobs, etc.

Tools keep breaking

Posted: 21/08/2014 at 11:42

The answer to Victoria Sponge's problem is, to be a bit blunt, that if you're complaining about broken tools you are blaming them for your own shortcomings, which might come under several headings:

You aren't assessing the job properly - you can't do hard work with inadequate implements. That's why they don't attach car wheels with a 1mm Allen key. Digging out 25-kilo lumps of clay needs a big tool.

You're impatient, so you don't swap the tool you've got in your hand for one that will actually be more suitable.

You're buying cheap and expecting quality - nothing more to say.

Your technique is all wrong.

You aren't up to the job and you need to hire someone that is.

You're trying to do something that is completely impracticable.

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