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too late to re-pot acer?

Posted: 16/05/2012 at 19:58

Hi folks, i have an acer that i bought last year, that i put in a pot 3 times the size of the pot it came in. It has grown loads already and keeps topolling over. Is it too late to put it in a bigger pot? Any advice would be grately appreciated! 


Posted: 22/04/2012 at 19:48

hi folks! i had a large raised pond, but have now filled it tin and made a smaller sunken one to hopefully attract more wild life. I suffered with blanket weed terribly, but bought a prodect of the web called BLANKET ANSWER. It was fantastic! only 2 treatments and pond was clear all year. It states that is is not harmful to wildlife and pond plants. my fish were perfectly happy and so were my plants. i would highly recommend this product! I had a large pump so it needed cleaning every few days to get rid of dead blanket weed, but you could fish it out by hand if your pond does not have a pump. Hope this helps! 

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too late to re-pot acer?

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