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Ash saplings in hedge

Posted: 03/07/2015 at 08:39

We have hundreds of ash seedlings as we have a huge Weeping Ash.

My husband uses pliers and pulls from directly over them. Works every time even on second year seedlings that have escaped.

Japanese Anemone not happy

Posted: 17/07/2014 at 17:09

Mine grow like weeds in a sunny south facing bed at the side of the house.

They were planted deeply about 40 years ago and still flourish. I do not feed them or water them in fact I would like to get rid of them but they are so nice late in the summer I dont.


Posted: 12/07/2014 at 07:55

I have had my strawberry bed for 5 years now. They still produce well but I think that I should dig them all up and replants with new stock? I have another small bed so I will have some whist the new stock grows.

Talkback: Dog urine on lawns

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 15:27
I solved the problem of patches on the lawn by adding Tomato Jiuce to my bitches food (she had dried food), She liked the Tomato Juice - being a labragor cross she would eat anything - and it solved my problem. I never had another brown ring although I did have the odd lush piece of grass!
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