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Nesting boxes

Posted: Yesterday at 11:05

My boxes are being rigourously inspected, inside, outside, sideways, underneath and backwards so hopefully I may have a resident or two eventually.

I had a mental pic. of the birds landing on the plastic roofing and skidding off on their BTMs.but they seem to be fine.

I am thinking of leaving an old stiff broom propped up in the shed to see if a robin finds it, we had on nest on top of our broom in the garage, just inside the door, many years ago.

Rats feeding on bird food! What to do?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:00

I sat and watched a rat climb up the post of my bird table, haul itself over the edge, stuff itself with bird food then hang over the edge of the top, until it was only holding on by its back feet, then drop approx. 4ft to the ground.

Resourseful or what?I couldn't help but admire Ratties determination.

I just put out poison at regular intervals because my neighbour has chickens, where there are chickens there are rats. Local councils now charge around £25.00 per visit when all they do is put down bait.

Tomatoes and cucumbers

Posted: Yesterday at 10:50

One tip I saw for growing cucumbers and tomatoes in the same greenhouse was to grow the cucumber plants in vertical tubes of polythene, like the kind sold for tunnels/cloches. This helps to conserve the moisture around the cucumber plants, which they like, and leaves the rest of the greenhouse dryer for the tomatoes. Haven't tried it myself.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 10:43

Verdun, my thoughts and sympathy are with you.



Cyclamen Coum

Posted: Yesterday at 10:33

I like to choose my coums when in flower and leaf as the foliage on some is wonderful. I planted some, sold in pots in flower, last year and they are all in flower now, deep pink, pale pink and white ones, all with strong white marbling on the leaves. I have to do that or I will accidentally chop them into bits when gardening. They are so difficult to spot against the soil and amongst foliage when not in flower.

It may have been difficult to find them in local nurserys as they may have sold out. They are usually in my local GC s around Christmas time.

Nesting boxes

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 14:17

I have just patched up my derelict bird boxes with double layersd of strong black plastic, (old compost bags) as new roofing.

Risked life and limb to hang them on a high fence out of Poppy cat's reach, I stood back to admire my handiwork and some tits flew in immediately to check them out. I was not expecting the birds to go anywhere near them,probably until next year. No guarantee that the boxes will be used of course.

Damp Shady Area

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 16:33

Christmas Box woukld be OK in a large pot for several years.

Damp Shady Area

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 13:49

Hostas, lily of the valley, both  perrenials, not evergreen, sarcocca or Christmas Box, in flower now, scented, black berries, evergreen , camellias, rhodedendrons, myrtle, evergreen, scented white flowers, slow growing. Any woodland plant such as honeysuckle, lonicera fragrans, the winter flowering honeysuckle, bushy growth, semi evergreen, does not climb. Blackbirds like to nest in it.


Posted: 23/01/2015 at 13:39

Could be.

I will have to wait for mine to grow on as the stems are not clear in the pic., and my flowers do not yet have the red collar. I shall be more than happy if it is the plant  I have.

wind proofing fences

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 13:03

I took out a mortgage to have a wind break fence put up along the top of a bank. It has uprights with horizontal rails in heavt duty timber, the slats are alternately on opposite sides of the rails so at certain angles you can just about see daylight between them. This filters the wind which reduces pressure on the windward side and also avoids downdraught on the lee side of the fence.

You can buy decorative fence panels made up in this way but you will need good uprights to take the weight of them. Maybe replace a couple of panels each year.

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