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Black spot on rose leaves - help how do I rid?

Posted: Today at 17:23

Never, ever put any affected leaves on the compost heap. Tie them up in a polythene bag and put them in the dustbin.

Black spot is spread be spores so can be recycled within your garden. Pick up every leaf that drops and remove any that show signs of black spot.


Posted: Today at 17:18

Peonies hate to be moved and will sulk for several years. They will do much better planted in the ground rather than pots.

I am pretty sure your perrenials are being eaten by keel slugs. Tiny black ones which live just below soil level. Slug pellets put down from Xmas onwards will help. The most favourite food for keel slugs are delephiniums and lupins so your slug population must be very happy!





Posted: 24/02/2015 at 10:54

I would suggest you try a stump root variety if you like chunky parsnips. As above, parsnips seed needs to be purchased fresh each year as the seed is only viable for 1 year. If you wait until June to sow them it helps to reduce canker on the roots, that is the brown corky spots which can develop, especially if the plants are left in the soil a long time.

Tree to go near a pond

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 10:04

I agree Dove.

My pond is not far from an ash growing on top of a bank. Forunately the prevalent SWesterly gales we have down here tend to blow most of the leaves into my neighbours garden but I still have to collect leaves etc from the water. The pond is outside thhe root area of the tree due its growing about 4ft up on top of the bank.

How do I encourage hedgehogs into my garden?

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 09:46

Ditto the cherries! 

A good few years ago I arrived home one evening and on getting out of the car heard an extraordinary noise. Sort of sucking, slurping sound. I eventually tracked it down to a family of hedgehogs, under my neighbours cherry tree, stuffing themselves on the fallen fruit. They were so intent on their noctural supper they completely ignored me.

Absolutely delightful to watch and listen to.

Frogspawn 2015

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 09:39

I am in Cornwall, have just checked the pond but no spawn yet.

My neigbour gave me 5 common newts 2 years ago, he was demolishing a patio where he found them under the slabs, I saw one last year but that is all. I did find a newt crisp on my own patio when it was very hot. My sister on the Isle of Wight has a pond full of newts. I do have fish in the pond so they probably eat the eggs and the baby hatchlings of any frogs and newts.

Hedgehog or rats

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 09:29

Rats are very clever. When something new arrives near their runs they avoid the object for a couple of weeks. Be patient, handle the traps wearing rubber gloves to hide your scent and you will have success eventually.

When I was dealing with mine it took almost 3 weeks before I caught an enoumous one, I persevered and eventually caught 5 in total, some obviously smaller and younger so I assumed they were a family.

granite worktop

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 09:20

I understood you should never use granite worktops to chop on, always use a board as sharp knives can damage the surface.

Tree to go near a pond

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 12:10

It is not a good idea to plant any tree near a pond. The moisture when the pond overflows in wet weather will attract the tree roots and even if it is an evergreen, you will have debris falling into the water. The height of a tree denotes the radius of the root spread.

Problems with GW website

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 11:50

I am with Talk Talk and have been having problems with the GW site. Even abandoned  it and logged off several times. Still not brilliant. I had put it down to so many people using it.

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