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Anemone wild swan

Posted: 06/09/2013 at 14:31

on the subject of hard-to-find plants, does anyone know where I can get hold of Hydrangea 'Fireworks',  ? I saw it at Hampton Court a couple of years ago, should have bought it then, but couldn't carry anything else.  Any ideas ? Also ,does it come with  any 'health warnings' ? ( I bought 3 wild swan from hayloft, delivered very late, utterly feeble,2 died within weeks, the third died a few months later- J As are normally so rampant ! )

Unsightly pipe work - Recomendations?

Posted: 02/05/2013 at 22:31

I agree that any plant in a container would probably end up suffering,as you really do have to be on top of feeding and watering.It might be an idea to put some decorative wrought iron style trellis panels up the wall alongside the downpipe, and plant a clematis ( or two - flowering in different seasons ) close by, and train them toward the trellis. I have a clematis 'Broughton Bride' growing in my north facing garden, and it is a prolific climber, covered in white 'paper handkerchief' type flowers at the moment, so is ideal for early season cover. There are hundreds to choose from, and all of mine manage to wrap themselves around everything they touch ! 

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