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Feline Invaders.....AKA Cats

Posted: 11/07/2013 at 23:18
Mummy Muddy Paws wrote (see)

Get a water scarecrow.  That does the job, the ultrasonic cat repelling efforts are a waste of your money.  The contech one looks the best, I will be getting one of these in a few months when I move, as I KNOW the house I'm moving into is used as a public latrine for most of the furry vermin (cats) in the area.  You connect the water scarecrow to the hosepipe, place in the area of your garden you want to protect, and it squirts a jet of water at anything the motion detector picks up.  As you aren't in the garden at the time, the cats start to associate that area of your garden as having bad mojo (they go there and an odd thing squirts them with water), and give it a wide berth.

I'm a dog person and not really a cat person, I have kids and don't want them coming in after playing out covered in cat poo, it's bad enough picking up dog poo, but I knew I'd have to do that when I got the dog, I do get fed up of picking up cat poo (dog is old and can no longer catch the buggers).

What you're suggesting is impractical and a waste of everyone's time and money.  The horse has expired, stop flogging it and lay out some readies on the contech scarecrow, then come back all excited and tell us you've figured out how to keep out cats.



Just did a search on this scarecrow thing, wish I had heard about it before as I have just spent £50.00 on sonic devices, not yet used them as I have only had delivery today.

The only problem with these that I see, is that you have to have the hose connected all the time. As my garden is mostly lawn with the flower beds in the middle I would have to have the hose laying on the grass, that would cause yellowing if not moved every day and a bit of hassle when it comes to cutting the grass.

But, if it works, I guess it would be worth it.

As I have just purchased the sonic things I will give them a try first. But thank you for being polite, and understanding. Its obvious most of the previous responants were "cat people".

Makes me laugh really. I know that the e-petition will not change the law....all I wanted was to raise my voice and get it heard. 

I rather like CHARLIE NOVEMBERS entry as well, and maybe he has a point....I am always being told to get rid of cats, to get one of my own.....Charlie, do you know where I can buy a tige or a lion from? That would sort the problem out....but then I wouldn't be able to use the garden then either....LOL.

Oh the petition as almost gone into double figures....hahah....Take care people. 


Feline Invaders.....AKA Cats

Posted: 11/07/2013 at 10:22

Well, well, well.....I am surprised at some of the responses on here. But hay-ho.

Obviously you like smelling cat sh*t and urine, jayes fluid and orange peel, where as I like smelling the flowers. 

Some of the responses have made me laugh. 

Despite all your responses, I still feel that what I have suggested is doable. My guess is, that either you are all cat owners, or maybe cats are more able to train humans, than humans are able to train cats.

I have spent some money on and electrical gadget that supposedly repels cats, well I will see if it works. What brought me to make the decision to set up the e-petition was looking at the feedback on some of the products. I looked at three different products on Amazon and was amazed to see feedback by over 4000 people, all feeling that they had to purchase these products. Bearing in mind that not everyone who bought the products left feedback I figured the true amount was a lot higher.

With the average cost of these gadgets at about £30.00 then having unwanted cats in your gardens is a very lucrative business opportunity, and perhaps that is why cat ownership is not legislated for.

Everyone seems to think that cats cannot be trained, I have three Cat owning friends in different parts of the world, one of them has five cats. They are all trained, they are all very much looked after and they are no problems to their neighbours. One of my friends takes their cat for a walk several times a day, on a lead. Sure she says that it looks odd, and sure she has had many comments (some believe it or not, telling her that she was cruel). Don’t figure.

Anyway, like what I said, or not. It doesn’t much concern me. You carry on with your endless tasks of putting orange peel and jeys fluid around the garden and getting cat sh*t in your boarders. When all the wild birds have disappeared from your gardens, you may one day wonder if anything should have been done. At least I can say, at least I tried.

What I have done is preferable to a minority of people who kill the cats that come into their garden, I have heard stories of people shooting them with air-rifles and even laying down poison which I would never condone. There were eleven cats last year in my area alone that were found to have been deliberately poisoned, not sure if the culprit was found, but I hope so.

What I really do not understand, is what is the point of having a pet, if you are not going to look after it. Just providing a roof over its head, and feeding it, is not looking after it.

Thank you for reading, the e-petition is still up, and as I am unable to get the word out, it will grow slowly I am sure, maybe not enough to do anything about it, but one never knows.

Regards, Justin. 

Feline Invaders.....AKA Cats

Posted: 09/07/2013 at 23:55

Hey people, everyone has a right to voice their opinion and that is all I am doing. 

As far as how it would be policed.....well it already is, we have dog wardens don't we? Why cannot they be made Dog and Cat wardens?

All I am suggesting is that the basis of the law regarding dogs is extended to cats. Should cost no more money to impliment, in fact, when you add up the fines it may even pay to introduce the issue. 

And Top Bird, I salute you for being a responsible cat owner! If only the other cat owners were as responsible. 

I am getting ever increasingly fed up by cats coming into my garden. The most popular advice I am given is to get a cat of my own.....What a crock!!!! 

I don't have a cat or a dog, and I would not have one. So why do I have to put up with other peoples cats? At least if I see an unattended dog roaming the street I can call the dog warden, but if I have a cat problem, I am supposed to put up with it. Well that's not right.....Oh and by the way, I pay my taxes too, and I could name many initiatives that I would rather my money spent on. 

The fact of the matter is this, if all cat owners were as responsible as TOPBIRD, then I and thousand of other people would not have this problem.

Feline Invaders.....AKA Cats

Posted: 09/07/2013 at 21:20

See I have a problem with that....Rabbits are wild animals, yet people have them as house pets. Rats are wild animals, yet people have them as pets.....if people want to have a cat then they should take it for walks just like dog owners do, and yes I mean on a lead.

Yes it will look silly initially I accept that. But it wasn't that long ago that to see a dog on a lead was strange. I fully believe that if when the cat is a kitten, it is trained by the owner on a lead to go in its own garden, and gets taught the bounderies then training IS possible.

Maybe, if it was made law, people would think twice about owning a cat in the first place. After all, they are in most cases lazy. The get up in the morning, feed the cat then open the door and let it out......then last thing at night they open the door to let the cat back in.....THAT IS NOT being responsible, that is not caring for the animal. If a dog owner did that, he/she would be fined, maybe even banned from keeping another dog. 

I just think it is too easy to own a cat, without accepting that you are responsible for what the cat does and where the cat goes. 

Feline Invaders.....AKA Cats

Posted: 09/07/2013 at 18:25

Hi there, I am new to this forum and thought I would join in the hope of getting some advice and also new ideas.


I have been searching hi and low for ways to keep problem cats out of my garden for years. I have yet found anything that does not require spending an absolute fortune, for not much more that a 50/50 chance of success.


So I have bitten the bulllet and decided to take a little action, and thought that one or two of you may also be interested. Don't worry, perfectly legal and non harmful.


I have set up an E-Petition to make cat owners responsible for their pets. I don't think it will rock the world, but if nothing else, it may get our voices heard. I know many gardeners that have a similar problem as me, where by, neighbours cats, let alone strays come into the garden and use it for thier toilet. I am often angered by cat owners reactions to any complaints and always get the standard answer, that cats are wild animals and therefore cannot be trained, and we are not responsible.

Any how, I have set it up, Please have a read and if you agree to the sentiment behind it, please sign and then get your friends to do it too. I only need 100 signatures for it to be passed for consideration, so it's do-able. 


Here is the link: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/defra-department-for-environment-food-rural-affairs-make-cat-owners-responsible-for-their-pets?share_id=wOZScpUaKF&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

Please do not misunderstand me,  I know there are many responsible cat owners out there, and this is not directed at them. 

Thanks for listening. Justin. 

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