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Welcome to the garden design forum

Posted: 03/01/2012 at 11:15

I moved in with my fiance in May and to say the garden was overrun was a huge!!!!!!! understatment. Since his wife passed a few years ago he lost interest in maintaining it and so the ivy had taken hold of the fences. The weeds were as high as my waist (about 3ft) and growing in every space possible and he used the garden (which is mostly slabbed) as a place to dump anything he didn't want in the house. It was mess!

But after 2 weeks of hacking and clearing and a whole builders skip full to the brim later we were back to a blank canvas. The only thing left in the borders was a beautiful magnolia tree.

The garden is mostly slabbed but there is a wall that shapes the raised borders around the garden. The soil is very tough clay so we worked good quality soil and compost about a foot down in to it to give it some nutrients ready for our plants.

Last year I grew 5 varieties of lovely sunflowers as well as french marigolds, petunias, variety of scented climbers and other numerous colourful beauties. We filled the borders with them as well as perinnials finishing it off with barked wood chippings. It looked lovely. In the bottom right corner of the garden we built a hen house and run and bought 4 lovely chickens which have given us fresh eggs everyday since we bought them.

My partner (for at least 2 weeks) couldn't say anything about the garden apart from "you know what?...I'm impressed" haha. His first wife preffered a plain green garden but now it was a bright and colourful one. To top it off we jet washed the slabs back to their off white colour and bought a lovely patio set. It was beautiful.

However the wet winter has taken hold and the garden is looking pretty pathetic to say the least, haha. But I have my walk in green house now and plans to convert oneside of the garden into an allotment area ready to grow vegetables which means pulling up some slabs and getting to work on the ground underneath.

My new years resolution is to make the garden even more beautiful than last year.

Welcome to the fruit & veg forum

Posted: 03/01/2012 at 10:56

Hi everyone, just joined today and checking out the forums my partner bought me a plastic walk in greenhouse as an early b'day prezzie a few days ago (although it was blown over in the 80mph winds last night, luckily I hadn't planted any seeds up yet). Anyways I was wanting to try and grow some veg this year as i've only stuck to seeds and bulbs for the last 4-5 years. I grew some tomatoes last year which tasted amazing but want to expand.

What would be the best veg to start with as a "beginner"?

Thanks everyone,


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