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What to sow in January

Posted: 03/01/2013 at 11:08

@nodlisab last christmas I had a propagator and started it going in January. As sotongeoff has already mentioned it is a bit of a problem as once the seedling were ready to be potted on I soon had a problem with lack of window sills.

I started with dahlias, lupins, delphiniums, gaura and euphorbias

Fork Handles

Posted: 02/01/2013 at 10:46

I have a book on dreams I keep trying to conjure up the lottery numbers too

I have found someone who is selling rotted horse manure at 25p a bag, is it sad that I am excited by this?

Fork Handles

Posted: 01/01/2013 at 12:49

I have just found a dead rat in the shed I think I need that Lotto win to buy a new shed

Fork Handles

Posted: 01/01/2013 at 10:49

Happy New Year One and All.

The sun has come out, what more can we ask for 

Composting and wormery

Posted: 31/12/2012 at 12:12

I bought my worms from a fishing shop, it must be quite common because he offered them as soon as I walked in. The advantage of a wormery is that it is contained so you avoid the rat problem, mine is also on a path so I can still put stuff in on wet days.

New Gardener . . . New House . . . What would you plant?

Posted: 31/12/2012 at 12:08

I would go for lots of Lavenders and Rosemary, they will love your conditions, they smell great and will require limited maintenance.

If you want high impact colour and are prepared to put in a little work Dahlias would be wonderful.

Fork Handles

Posted: 31/12/2012 at 11:47

Flo no dogs needed here I always enjoyed undoing old jumpers in front of a good film.

Pottiepam it sounds like you have been having some atrocious weather down there have you survived unscathed?

Geoff does that photo make you cross your knees?

Fork Handles

Posted: 31/12/2012 at 11:12

Bobby Moore played football, Bob Willis played cricket and you said to stop talking about balls

I have just done an hours ironing another pile to go, then I am going to attempt to take a collar off a cardigan

Fork Handles

Posted: 30/12/2012 at 16:25

Geoff you could post a headless photo

Erratic electric problems are so annoying.

Hello Lottiebeans I am well, just finished the crossword and now I am perusing dahlias for our sunny summer.


Fork Handles

Posted: 30/12/2012 at 13:38

Becks thanks for that I love an obscure fact.

Geoff is it a Panto in Southampton?

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