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kaycurtis has reviewed 11 plants

Aconitum carmichaelii 'Arendsii' Monkshood

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: I have one of these plants for the first time, so it was nice to know the conditions that it will like, I hope it is hardy as I love the colour . don't mind if it's poisonous I haven't any small children to worry about, if I had I would remove it and pass it on to some one else.

Aquilegia chrysantha 'Texas Yellow' Columbine

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: I am at a loss to the fact that the yellow Aquilegia seems to have a pink vabascum type flower at the top of the page, or I have gone colour blind over night, not really useful at all good job I know what the flower should look like.

Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Lama Temple' Yellow-groove bamboo

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: what an elegant plant I don't grow this one as it doesn't seem to like my garden the last one died but it is a beautiful thing.

Helleborus x sternii Hellebore

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: Although you say light well draind soil I have Hellebores growing in my heavy clay and they come up year after year and they also set seed. a real joy

Bergenia cordifolia Elephant's ears

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: I like this plant does't cause any problems and grows well on my clay soil the leaves are nice and glossy and I haven't found them eaten by any creatures that might frecquent my garden.

Daphne mezereum f. alba Mezereon

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: I like the fact that these features give you some idea of the level of gardener you should be to tackle growing some plants.

Narcissus romieuxii Daffodil

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: I haven't got this particular daffodil but I will certainly be tempted it has a lovely delicate look would grace any one's garden. don't you think that it almost looks like silk.

Cyclamen coum 'Album' Cyclamen

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: Cyclamen another joy to behold another one of my favorites plant them in anything and they survive some have a delightful perfume I have planted the type that you grow in pots the ones that are not supposed to be hardy but they come back year on year ready to delight. I have planted hardy ones in the hope that they will multiply just like weeds lovely

Lychnis flos-cuculi Ragged robin

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: Helpful but I do wish that the glossary had pictures of flowers too,