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A BEE thing.

Posted: 14/07/2013 at 12:47

Hi Fairygirl. I am sure that you are going to really enjoy getting that "low maintenance" garden round to your way of seeing things - have fun - cant beat a clean (ish) canvas to start with for sure. As for "faffing" ( a new one that on me but -) around well I feel much the same way about it all - keep a nice tidy ship but at the same time if a plant just ain't for me well theres something else equally good for sure. I love the expression  " an orderly disorderliness"  as a sort of guide  but admit I do like things to look/be right though not "faffily". Had a nice area of self sown Clover in the small piece of grass at last address and it flowered and looked good - green when all the rest was brown as well. Whatever age one may be if the gardening bug is in you it is, all being well, there for life - you might later suddenly develop a liking for huge Gunneras instead  of  Auriculas ( love the gold laced ones of these mind) - that will keep you busy. Regards.

Plant ID

Posted: 14/07/2013 at 10:58

Hi. I had a self sown one in my garden this year and have just  scrapped it.  Growing nicely it was overnight "lacerated" by the grubs (counted 6 only) - looked a mess after that - should have left it for them I suppose but.they went with it so did not travel hungry. .

A BEE thing.

Posted: 14/07/2013 at 10:48

Hi Fairygirl - all.. If you manage to get that Wand functioning again properly and succeed with your wish for rain please wave it for me here will you. Down to -2 (out of 9) butts full now and beginning to get "fidgety".. Soil here is 50% sand and all the goodly layer of compost I have fed it this season so far has just gone. Good luck with the plants but although they have their preferences I think if it flowers its helping the Bees etc.  A couple of " bits".  I have been taking cuttings every year for ages to keep a very nice variegated leaf Pelargonium and I distribute  a good few each year amongst family/friends. I keep 3 stock plants on the sills in the Lean To and these are right next to the glass, showing their flowers outdoors. You would be  surprised at  just how many Butterflies and Bees come up to that glass to the flowers and look baffled as to why they cannot get at them. Lastly about the young lass wearing the very pretty flower patterned sun hat to which the Butterflies were flying to and landing on. Both true those.

A BEE thing.

Posted: 14/07/2013 at 08:23

Hi Fairygirl. I did a few minutes ago reply to this - it appeared on site and now has gone - will try again as near as poss to the original. Hope you are well and hows the "spell" business - set any good Frogs lately?. I am correct in that these are for sure Hornets I refer to but  agree  that as you say the Hoverflies do this "once over" thing also. We get a lot of them ( 2 types mainly) each year and have a job keeping them out of the Lean To which they do love to come and visit - spend a lot of time removing them safely - mostly use the plastic beaker and thin card method ( as with Bees/Butterflies etc). Ref Hornets this area has many many Trees of all kinds and their nests can be seen about ( and avoided for sure).

A BEE thing.

Posted: 13/07/2013 at 15:50

Hi joules. Thanks. A kind word means so much especially when a great deal of effort has deliberately gone into producing something of benefit to this poor planet of ours  which is being seriously done to death as I see it. Nuff said and  thank you my friend - you keep well.

A BEE thing.

Posted: 13/07/2013 at 12:38

Hi. A few pics, the Bees restaurant.




A BEE thing.

Posted: 13/07/2013 at 12:06

Hi all. Just a little comment. Summer here, plants blooming, the Bees are hard at it  and with still the Butterflies to come. I am referring to my area where there seems to be many more Bees about this year though mostly Bumbles of various sizes. Either way or whatever its good to see. We have found that some smaller Bumbles have set up home in one of the bird nesting boxes just in the woods next door - much coming and going. Theres a strange thing about this though in that whatever it is there has appeared across the front of the box and half covering the entry hole a white band of something. I am not going to investigate since I believe in leaving well alone - any ideas. Now Hornets - living near woods they are about and occasionally come into the garden for a drink at the pond or whatever they are at. Heres a little question - has anyone ever been "studied" by one - I will explain. I have had on several occasions had just a solo one stop and hover just say 3 or 4 feet away from me at eye level - as if giving me the once over then flying off. Has anyone else ever experienced this - just for interest...

Grape vine

Posted: 11/07/2013 at 08:53

Hi. Those pics. Some outer leaves are quite large, this one




Leaf shown is 11 in across and 13 in depth. Bunch of grapes forming. The Vine looking very happy and healthy.

Grape vine

Posted: 11/07/2013 at 08:09

Hi. Just for interest this. I have a mature Vine growing outdoors against the back South wall of the bungalow. It is treated entirely as ornamental and apart from keeping it trimmed back during the growing season it is left to just get on with it. Love that foliage and the now very gnarled stems - each year it produces a  number of dark sweet but small bunches of grapes - these the Blackbirds love in due course. No attempt is made to produce bigger fruit - as I said it is ornamental only. Will send a pic of it.


Posted: 09/07/2013 at 08:19

Hallo jean. Way out on the edge of Breckland in Suffolk - masses and masses of trees of all kinds and all very lovely and mature but of course little birdies mostly do not nest in big big trees. Mostly just the various Tits here but also W/peckers, Robins,occasional Dunnock, Blackbird and of course Doves and Pigeons. Never see any Gold or Greenfinches, only Chaffinches ( nice as they are of course) and worst of  all no Song Thrushes.

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