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Posted: Today at 10:09

Susan does your daughter's employer have any insurance that covers the theft of employees belongings?  Might be able to replace the bag and cover the cost of the locksmith 



Posted: Today at 08:49

Clari have a rub down with petrol, Runny recommends it 


Posted: Today at 08:47

Susan  also a lot of hassle to cancel cards and expense to replace locks etc.  I feel sorry for your daughter.

Dear Verdun hugs, it isn't a betrayal it was the only option you had.  My thoughts are with you. Maybe even if you feel cramped it is a good thing to have your much loved niece with you at this time. 


Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Today at 08:39

LilyP it must be very hard not seeing your family. Nothing is trivial when it upsets and worries members, hugs to you. Imagine the stories they will tell about Moscow when they visit you next Christmas.  Do you SKYPE them? 


Posted: Today at 08:27

Good morning.

Love the elf shoes DD

Have fun Panda  Don't think under gardener would want pressies that remind him of hard work that is expected in the spring.

Clari pleased that you can rule out any dog allergy. Those little ankle biters do pass on lots of germs 

Woody you are up early considering the fun night

Runny you couldn't make that up it's a good job you weren't talking at the time 

Lizzie hope your meeting goes well.

Hi Lyn 

Matty I bet your own bed felt good 

Dove I'm also off for my hair appointment but sadly no seaside for me tomorrow, enjoy OH's birthday. 

Hope I haven't missed anyone. 

Wrong coal?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:19

Lily P happy you got a result, not a great time to be out of pocket or proper fuel. Amazing wot us simple gardeners know  


Posted: Yesterday at 18:50

Pdoc I'm sure you'll suss the pressies. Any idea what I should get my OH ? I haven't  

Okay I guess a few comments about ear plugs and a ticket to far away are likely 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:47

Panda wot you like  

Matty love to a brave lady xx Hope your soreness eases quickly and you are home soon 


Posted: Yesterday at 17:56

Pdoc hope you've checked PM's 

Gg  glad you okay Maybe post on sweet pea thread don't think the guru  reads Hello.

Clari hugs re: health, maybe wait for breathing oxygen results before a dog you might have allergies  

Woody have one for me 

Verdun hugs for you if you are feeling down x

aerating shoes

Posted: Yesterday at 17:19

Mike also stop making references to Orchid Lady in your posts. Having met her I know your references and comments addressed to her are not welcome   Neither is the promise of a signed copy of your first book LOL   

Pauline this is the first time I've seen a need for a block but yes a very good suggestion 

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