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Posted: Yesterday at 18:29

Crikey! Who pressed the freeeeezing button?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:27


Crikey! Who pressed the freeeeezing button?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:26

Tootles I've just been outside and supposed to be minimum of 4C tonight and it's down to 1C already


Posted: Yesterday at 17:50

Runny replied to you


Posted: Yesterday at 17:38

No gardening here today, wet miserable and all the lot sodden.

Fairy you deserve my next but last Malteser for all that graft.

Panda such willpower   I have a strong will and a poor won't

DD I used to call Gardengirl the bionic woman you now have her title, soz GG

Welcome home Lesley

Sorry to all I've missed out but hello anyway, any consolation it's even harder to keep up on Hello in the Winter when there isn't any gardening

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Posted: Yesterday at 16:29

I'm happy to chat about certain subjects in the Potting Shed but no way would I post my email address and phone number and address as Mike did. Thankfully he was protected because some kind person alerted the mods very early the next morning and his private details were removed.

I'm a Yucca flower and happy to remain one

I pegged myself on the location map but it only points to an area of the country   

Dove, I was up late one night unlike me but I couldn't sleep, and I replied on Mike's threads just after him but no conversation or response. I don't think it fair to stir up a hornet's nest and sit back 24hrs to see what happens. If I post something and expect some response I check back ASAP and being retired I can do that quite often


Posted: Yesterday at 11:44


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Posted: Yesterday at 10:29

Good post Dove  Staying safe online is common sense.

I did compose a few words as to why I think MA wants to see pictures of posters but decided that I might breach the code of conduct.

Christine Walkden Fans

Posted: Yesterday at 10:07

Mike repetition (without the extra R) LOL didn't know you came from my neck of the woods


Posted: Yesterday at 08:56

Morning Bekkie hope your OH's chest is feeling better. 

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