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Posted: Today at 20:07

See you all tomoz, I'm off now after my latest offering about knotweed.

Hope all sleep well

japanese knotweed

Posted: Today at 20:05

Grandma used to strangle it with her old corsets.


Posted: Today at 20:02

Tia Maria...oops soz Bekkie


Posted: Today at 20:00

I'm available for 99 quid I will come and inject it with a cake icer or squirter from vets  will bring own glyphosate.

It does actually work well that method but knot  ( ) at that price.


Posted: Today at 19:42

Food eaten and ironing rearranged in basket and I sat on it, so it won't escape for at least 48hrs   KEF doesn't like ironing!  Never have, never will, that's why she wants to live in Greece where washing goes on line at night time so it doesn't dry to a crisp in the sun and doesn't need ironing due to gentle breeze a gal can dream, or make stories up


New Member

Posted: Today at 19:32

Hello freewillow I hope you enjoy the forum

Hot thread

Posted: Today at 19:28

Runnybeak, congrats you got a chliil at 19.28pm

japanese knotweed

Posted: Today at 19:21

  Orange sauce at the ready.

Hot thread

Posted: Today at 19:18

So it's not any spicy comment then  just must be hot in number of replies

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Today at 19:14

Lesley, soz I missed you off the hugs. As has been said you can only do your best and you have family at home and life to live. Time creeps up on all of us.

I take some comfort from my Dad telling me in a lucid moment that I was a good daughter and he loved me and I should go home as I had my own life to live  He didn't say it the next visit, he then wanted me help form the escape commitee ..can't really put a wink at the end of that.

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