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Posted: Yesterday at 20:45

Don't think I should like dark haired gorgeous men don't have a good track record, Pete Duel and then Gary Speed

Thankfully when I met OH in 1976 he looked more like David Soul. Patrick Stewart doesn't have hair so he's safe

BFN sleep well all


Posted: Yesterday at 20:24

Runny that's it kinky boots not sexy boots 

Just been looking again at Google and got my years way out Pete Duel died in '71 only 31 yrs old.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:03

Dove don't forget the mouth & grin

Just had a peek and you can get a boxed set of S & J think I need to have one


Posted: Yesterday at 20:01

Runny I was a bit young for Carnaby St. gear but once asked Father Christmas for a pair of white sexy boots ( that's what they called them at school !) like Emma Peel had  I got a pair of clod hopping black ankle things with a zip at the side. I had forgotten about those. Just wait until I see Mum tomorrow !!!    

GardenIng jokes

Posted: Yesterday at 19:48

Great idea Fairy Let's wait for the maestro to appear


Posted: Yesterday at 19:45

Lesley, I thought then as a teen and seeing him again tonight through the eyes of a mature woman he was the most gorgeous man ever. Soz OH

 All thoughts of gardening have gone from my head.

Hope all have a lovely evening and I hope I dream of Pete Duel


Posted: Yesterday at 19:20

I could do born again hippy

Talking about things from the past I've just watched Alias Smith & Jones. Loved it ! Nearly as much as I loved Pete Duel, joined his fan club in 1973/4 and had to beg money for a postal order a few years later to plant a tree in his name after he shot himself  Where have nearly 40yrs gone ?  

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:15

Lyn I'm glad you got a few hours to yourself  Best wishes& hugs sent to you and your family and hope you have months not weeks with your dear Mum. x

Great news Frank. I wouldn't have even considered doing an MME(mini mental exam) on you if they paid me £550   I did it once years ago as part of my training it must have changed as we had to reduce from a hundred in units of 7 maths never being my strong point I failed miserably

Verdun I'm pleased today was okay with mum, but send you hugs for what you have to face. I empathise so much x

Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 09:47

Got it !

I do prefer the colour picture. With my vast knowledge of photography  I think there is too much in the picture for black and white to look spectacular...I'll get my coat

Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 09:40

David sorry I can't enlarge the black & white correctly it shows tree canopy and just keeps running & running. The Autumn shades will enlarge.

Think I'd have to say Autumn hints in colour is best, but I am a lover of black & white.

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