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Posted: Today at 16:57

Lesley it isn't V. Eve Price and don't think it's V. bod'.

I'm useless at ID's is it a Daphne? based purely on the fact that they smell lovely never seen one. I'll get my coat now     

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Today at 16:52

Pauline heck ! Hope you are back home with some good news and pain relief x


Posted: Today at 16:12

iGrow maybe that is a question to put to Daniel, I didn't see either post and obviously Dove didn't. 

Camera Corner

Posted: Today at 16:08

Runny like your photos a lot 

Charlie I can see something enlarging your last photo but wouldn't have without your directions, well done you, my zoom shots aren't good, only got a cheapo camera 

David your explanation did make sense 


Posted: Today at 16:03

Lesley I've been and sniffed and thought I was correct pretty flowers but no smell to my Eve Price I'm sure that V. bodnantense is the one one with lovely winter perfume, well M's has. 

Runny well impressed with your carrots  and your beautiful snowdrops, mine are only just appearing. Thanks for pics they are cheery 


Posted: Today at 15:24

Verdun what a lovely thing to have, guess you get your sense of mischief from your mum

Viburnum Eve Price is flowering here but can't say I've noticed a perfume, best blow my nose and go check.

Wintersong I'm glad I don't have to bathe my under gardener, I did once but did have a pot on a broken ankle   

DD slow down you'll implode 

Home from mini SM shop and done a bit more in terms of taking Mum's junk to the skip. It reached 10C earlier but still feels cold so I can understand Pdoc wimping out of gardening.  


Posted: Today at 10:52

iGrow both threads are still there it's just they haven't been used for a good few weeks 


Posted: Today at 08:00

Chicky enjoy days off.  of 

Greenhouse cleaning

Posted: Today at 07:56

I use anti- bacterial washing up liquid and poke into the difficult bits with a plastic plant marker, and use weak Jeyes fluid on the floor.

I have used sulphur candles in the past but don't remember any significant improvement. I could be wrong but I think candles were often used rather than giving the GH a good fettle.    

My first greenhouse

Posted: Today at 07:39

Enjoy your new GH's all who just purchased one 

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