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First Petrol Mower

Posted: Today at 19:33

Honda get my vote, they are pricey but well worth the money.

I have experience of a Hayter mower, does the job well, less expensive but not a substantially built mower like a Honda.  


Posted: Today at 18:59

Great news Matty 

Have a good evening everyone 

New allotment OMG...

Posted: Today at 16:36

I don't have an allotment but grow veg so sometimes have a peek at what you are all doing / growing  Well impressed 

Gardengirl congratulations on getting a plot 

What's wrong with my tomato plant? :(

Posted: Today at 16:33

Caral I can't see clearly when I enlarge the photo, but to make sure you have some toms sow a few more, it isn't too late 


Posted: Today at 16:30

Just lovely 

Making Nematode Soup from Slugs

Posted: Today at 16:29

burn them over wood fire in garden grill pan. 

That will teach the little buggers to scoff our veg 


Posted: Today at 16:25

Hi KEF. Couldn't get rid of me that easily   




Posted: Today at 14:08

Hi all, windy wet and yuck! here.

Lovely pictures Fairy, great to see you 

Runny what are you like? Sore eye for 6 days   Too much ogling at Poldark Hope it gets sorted out for you today x


Posted: Today at 07:34

Good morning 

LilyP fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Dove I hope Ma is happy today.

More tea and then an inspection to see if anything has been damaged.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:47

Runny eek eek 

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