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Posted: Today at 18:06

Thought did occur  if this isn't a hebe I'll be so  and blame mum !



Posted: Today at 17:57

Lizzie I've found a photo not a good one  Mum thinks it was little Ellen but I've googled and

 Photo taken 2.1.14

I'll have a walk around the garden with mum at some point and the correct name might appear



Posted: Today at 17:22

Lizzie I'm surprised that hebes don't survive saying that I don't know jasper Mum has a lot of hebes and it can get very wet and cold in S.Yorks. One she has is huge , sorry don't know the name and M can't remember but it has lovely lilac and white  flowers and continued to flower in some parts through the winer ( was mildish) and has done so all summer.  I'll look and see if I have a picture but don't think I have


Posted: Today at 16:54

Been very mild here but dull all day.

Happy I've got some bags of FYM  how sad is that ? Also got some winter violas to put in border at mums   

Just been to vote for our new police chief, thingy whatsit person for S.Yorks no info' at all provided about the candidates  But if women threw themselves in front of horses and chained themselves to railings for the right to vote KEF steps up each time

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Today at 16:43

I'm pleased to hear that Claire  Life is short for some and I'm sure your Mum is now content. I'm a person who is like a dog with a bone   but the older I've become  I've realised that some arguement are worth winning and others best laid to rest. Bet you do feel happier having seen your sister. As for lazy nephew I can't comment I don't have kids, but at the end of the day he is her son and mother's defend their young, lioness instinct me presumes  just be happy he isn't yours  Have a happy evening and don't dwell on today x

horticultural society

Posted: Today at 10:49

Don't forget to have a few flyers that you can give to people explaining about your group and when you meet so hopefully you'll get some new members.

Make sure you have a float with plenty of change in it you'll be surprised how many people want to pay for an item of a couple of quid with a twenty pound note.

You'll also need some used carrier bags for people to take stuff away in as a lot won't have their own.

horticultural society

Posted: Today at 09:53

I think you need something to attract children towards your stall, kids lead parents follow

When we had charity stalls we always dressed up in silly or seasonal costumes that got people's attention. One Christmas we had a couple of beautifully knitted dolls, Father Christmas & Mrs C who kept having a Punch & Judy type fight about who hadn't fed Rudolph, kids loved it and parents nearly always bought something from the stall or gave a donation.

Maybe you could have a look in charity shops for things that would clean up, little toys etc.ask around for donations of unwanted gifts. Wrap them in Christmassy fashion cellophane and bows and advertise as "pocket money priced" and encourage children to buy for friends & family

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Today at 09:34

Wise words from Dove.

Claire at times it's difficult to put things behind us especially when we feel we have been wronged, but try and see it as an attempt by your sister to be close again. As they say time does heal and the things you and your sister shared will return. I'm sure neither of you wants mum to continue being upset. When you meet up, smile even if you are grinding your teeth and give her a hug. Dwelling on the fall out will only make you upset and possibly ill. Hope all goes well  


Posted: Today at 07:40

Clari I grew solent wight last year but didn't get it in early enough so it didn't make decent bulbs. This year I've already planted Carcassonne wight (strong & vigorous) and Lautrec wight (creamy & smooth) both growing well.

Stacey & her chilli bits

Posted: Today at 07:23

Hi Stacey sending you love and letting you know you are never far from our thoughts.

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