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University Project

Posted: Today at 17:59

Done. If you see Patrick Stewart say Hi

Bubble Wrap Greenhouse

Posted: Today at 16:50

Yvie I don't find it a long job to wrap GH. If I did it now things would damp off and also get diseased, just now they need ventilation and until it starts to get cold I won't take action. I honestly don't see point in doing the roof, even during winter we will have sun and dry days and you need to be able to open the roof windows as well as door, even if it's just to dry GH out.  

Unexpected frost  doubt it will suddenly turn bitterly cold & with harsh frosts we usually have some notice.

Bubble Wrap Greenhouse

Posted: Today at 16:37

I only wrap the sides things have been ok even in the really bad winter a few years ago. Haven't wrapped mine yet as far too mild, doors still open most days and only partially shut at nights. I don't wrap until we've had some degree of frost. Depends what you have in the GH

Camera Corner

Posted: Today at 16:20

Been for a walk and taken a few pictures, honestly it was a dull day.



Posted: Today at 16:11

Lizzie, know you aren't an innocent  Think we now say low rise. I have a waist but short in the body so it's in the wrong place for a lot of clothes, fitted dresses LOL need clothes pegs to hold the shoulders up so the waist is in the right place and not on my hips.   Not a good look pegs on clothes

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Today at 16:03

Not dancing tonight Runny watching it instead

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Today at 15:44

Runny we were doing the Locomotion last night have you forgotten

Anyone for squirrel crumble?

Posted: Today at 15:41

Bob squirrel curry is quite tasty  


Posted: Today at 15:32

Hi OL hope Blackpool do okay


Posted: Today at 15:31

Pdoc you should have shot the former work friends . Just stay with us we are the best tonic, same goes for Yvie and all of us that have spells of being wibble..that's the latest medical term  and I wasn't paid to invent it

Fairy I don't have a drier used to have at other house, if OH would de- clutter the garage I'd like one, especially for towels & bedding in winter. Could also warm plates in it

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