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Posted: Today at 07:32

Dove is here, but wasn't if you know what I mean.  Will be interesting to see what sort of squash it produces.


Posted: Today at 07:27

How strong was that Campari that Dove had ? She's usually here by now.


Posted: Today at 07:26

Morning Pdoc, I won't say good  Hope they arrive promptly.


Posted: Today at 07:25

Clari you are a tease, do tell what you are doing


Posted: Today at 07:24

Good morning all

Archie OL is off to a carfest thingy bobby

Verdun it must not be a good year for swiss cheese plants mine hasn't produced any yet.

Good to see MrsGarden's post 

Dove hugs, I'm sure this afternoon will be better than yesterday's.

Lily I'll be counting down the days for you.

Don't know what I'm doing today but will have to shop for food at some point.



Posted: Yesterday at 17:35

Woody wow!  Thanks Gg

Fairy I'd do the ironing lol !!  I do tell such porkies

Panda if you can't squeeze them in I'll have them.


Posted: Yesterday at 17:20

Lily yipee what is your last day ?


Posted: Yesterday at 17:18

Bekkie hugs.

Panda you are turning into a plantaholic, have you planted the last 2 lots yet ?

Pdoc did you ever see the Jasper Carrot sketch about when he had a mole in his garden ? Might have been live and not on tele What you need is a typist chair, miners pit helmet with lamp on and a 12 bore

Neighbour ran out to fetch her washing in, KEF stood there with hose running, neighbour looked at me like I was  then after 3 mins rain stopped and

Beans not frozen  plus lazy meal tonight sausages, oven chips, beans and mushrooms ( gotta have one thing something) does it count as 2 if I put garlic in the mushrooms the culinery godess  isn't in a cooking mood.  

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:59

I've not posted on this thread before because I do shabby and didn't understand the about chic bit

Yviestevie I love your pink parasol  In fact I've loved reading and looking at everyone's posts on here.

OL I have an old fashioned wooden handled ladies brolly you could borrow, but alas I don't think Paisley is shabby chic.   



Posted: Yesterday at 14:49

Sounds like a great event OL enjoy

Fidget seeds

I'm in for a few minutes as can't decide if I should get hose out, looks like rain, but

I've attacked by yellow stemmed bambo and filled the green council re-cycling bin with it.

I need to cut and blanche some runner beans this afternoon.

See you all later.


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