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Butterfly Release

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 17:12

I'm currently (well not today in this weather  ) letting lacewings out of the shed and have a couple hiding in the spare bedroom, and they haven't paid any board for Winter lodgings 

Runny I remember the B/fly on your wall  Not sure about moth. 

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 17:04

But a kind man regardless of being Cornish 


Posted: 31/03/2015 at 17:03

Verdun I hope you have had your sun cream on ! 

Winter I'm a really sorry to hear about Flynn I hope you find what suits him quickly.

Hi Runny

Time to go and rustle up a meal the cod that I lifted out this morning at 9am hasn't de-frosted enough at (cool) room temperature to risk cooking it 

Wishing you all a safe evening 


Posted: 31/03/2015 at 16:26

Pdoc leave the plastic until wind drops it's terrible just now, the wind will keep frost away. Just throw fleece, old net curtain or whatever over your seedlings & plants.

Hugs don't get down, this carp weather will pass and it will be wearing shorts weather soon  

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 16:22

I will also be thinking about you & yours tomorrow Lyn x


Posted: 31/03/2015 at 16:20

Shame about the jam Fidget what you gave me was  Is the jam not allowed or just the bread? Was thinking purple rice pudding 

Bekkie soz about your little GH  Can't you take it inside and dismantle it for time being As for mother nature's leaf blower she can keep it ! 

Matty go for it..make it worth the postage 


Posted: 31/03/2015 at 15:09

Horrible here  I took my 13 sacks of spuds out of the GH's as they were getting too warm and it's now hailed on them  They'll be fine as the sun is now shining, oh no it isn't it's raining again it isn't the sun is out 

Good news is I've found my tiny watering can and a water sprayer that I'd lost ..guess who has been cleaning the cupboards under the kitchen sink 

Liri hugs for your mum, hope she's okay  

My bin lids are safe but my poor daffs are rapidly filling up a vase. 

how deep rooting are courgettes?

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 14:59

I haven't found courgettes or peas to be deep rooted they have always been easy to pull out at the end of the season. I don't know about sweetcorn but considering how tall they grow I think they must need a reasonable anchor. 

I would say build the beds up a bit, enrich them with new stuff and maybe you will have more options. 

I don't have raised beds but I'm sure someone who has will post and advise you.

Enjoy the veggies that you grow 

Weather warnings issued

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 14:26

In S.Yorks we have had strong winds all day, sun, drizzle, heavy rain and for last 20 mins hail that has now melted and the drains on the main road have flooded. Sun now shining 


Posted: 31/03/2015 at 08:43

Panda you'll get pressure sores 

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