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Posted: 22/11/2014 at 07:56

Good morning  Misty & damp here. 

Lovely photos and funnies yesterday 


Posted: 21/11/2014 at 15:20

pansy you've made me lol    Bet you have strong bones

Describes me pretty damn well

Posted: 21/11/2014 at 15:13

I used to have a T.shirt  Work the Curse of the Drinking Class           



Posted: 21/11/2014 at 15:08

Stokes49er  you reminded me of making trimmings at infant school we did the same with paper chains and saved silver milk bottle tops for weeks to string up as decorations.

Anyone remember the school Christmas party when you made a party hat in class and on the day you took a plate, dish & spoon to school for the party? We also had to take an item of food , Mum's speciality was a blancmange made in a rabbit shaped mould. Bet she's still got it somewhere

I nearly put jelly as I had to get the dictionary out to spell blancmange..didn't help that we always said blam arnge


Posted: 21/11/2014 at 14:50

Hi all I popped in to say it's cold here but changed my mind after Bill's photos

Bill I so hope the snow stays the other side of the lake.  -7C hope that boiler of yours is in top condition don't want you without heat like last year. All the best to you & Mrs.Bill x

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 21/11/2014 at 14:38

Fishy I hope your S dtr's friend recovers, a lot to be said for living each day to the full


Posted: 21/11/2014 at 08:19

Good morning from lazy bones

Lovely picture DD.

Pdoc hugs



Posted: 20/11/2014 at 20:01

Hi Gardenstarter what time were you made to get up? We were made to stay in bed until Mum had a cup of tea  

Go on brag about your Autumn Foliage!!!!

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 19:47

Wow some wonderful colours  Thanks all for photos.


Posted: 20/11/2014 at 19:42

Lovely pic Archie 

Edd my PM's haven't stopped working. 

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