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Posted: Today at 07:27

Lily, hope the day goes okay and you get sunshine when you come home


Posted: Today at 07:26

Good morning

Clari do you know something I don't about the weather?  It's 17c and breezy here.

Dove, I was reading about your tomato plantation, are many of them for cooking?


Posted: Yesterday at 21:31

Nite nite all, sleep well


Posted: Yesterday at 21:30

Who said alcohol

Take care Pdoc don't go mad in the garden on day one.


Posted: Yesterday at 21:20

Lily are you sure there isn't someone sitting on your roof with a hose pipe?  Me thinks your garlic might have been washed away.

Nite nite Fairy Didn't have any cake.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:46

Fidget LOL .... in plain English ..the man who doesn't give a rat's but tries to sound like he cares.

Identification ?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:08

auntier I don't know about apple and plums, but cherry do grow from stones that birds drop but I wouldn't have thought in your lawn but honestly don't know. 

I would keep mowing their heads off.

Hopefully you'll get more replies.

Get if off your chest.

Posted: Yesterday at 19:55

I've bumped this back up so we can have a rant and get things off our chests in one place.  


Posted: Yesterday at 19:48

Fidget I'm sad to hear about little one, you did your very best

I know a man who works for BT but alas not in UK at mo'.

Have two large glasses x

Whats happened to my garlic?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:45

pansyface lol  They might just be tidy and replace the lid

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