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Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 19:48

Lily was I close about you  Me thinks you are about my age 27

Bekkie no way are you borrowing my Kylie hotpants  I wear them for Pdoc


Posted: Yesterday at 19:43

Heck David what have you done recently, killed a robin 


Posted: Yesterday at 19:22

Me me me I like caramel

Panda you need to look at Verdun's new thread seems everyone thinks I look like Madonna  they might have said Maradona  telling porkies no one said anything of the sort

 Think it will be fun thread.

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 19:16

Digger, think you might have pale skin, we don't often see much sun in our neck of the woods  Now that's got you thinking

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 19:09

Eek this is fun

Philippa wrong on the hair colour  Sensible person  I'm the most sensible on the forum.  

Verdun wot a cop out can't picture women have a better try you started this thread, I will turn green and get you if you don't  

I imagine Fairy is about my height, average build ( strong in the arm  she must be !! ) Auburn hair and maybe has freckles if she ever sees the sun

Philippa I imagine as tall and slim maybe fair haired...can't say more my crystal ball needs charging

New Dralek

Posted: Yesterday at 16:30

Artjak danies are what some of us in S.Yorks used to call hands when talking to little children  Smacked danies if you don't behave think that's why I have arthritis in my fingers

New Dralek

Posted: Yesterday at 15:29

I just stir mine with the garden fork.

Slapped danies Artjak

Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 15:26

Fidget photos brill as ever  

Wonder if the monkey spoke German 


Posted: Yesterday at 15:21

Fidget, fillet steak, roast pork, roast lamb  You've got the weather you can't have the food  Enjoy last few dives x

Yvie good that you are feeling better.

Back from SM will go for my stuff tomoz' Mum a bit frail today so just shopped alongside her, she did however have no problem getting her own large fresh cream eclairs  No need for mini cheddars she has a stash  

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 15:15

Yvie what an awful thing for your Mum to hear  A few days before my mum's first cataract operation the engineer who came to service her boiler started over a cup of tea to tell about how his Mum's surgery had gone wrong. He didn't get to do the service on the boiler !!! and he won't be coming ever again, another engineer came the following week, just glad I was there. 

Matty positive vibes from me x

Great news Frank good to hear that you have received good care. Hugs for your previous posts about the care you gave your dear wife. 

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