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Posted: 11/07/2014 at 07:53

Morning Dove, I'll send you some dry weather. Hope nothing is damaged in your garden.

Amazing Rose

Posted: 11/07/2014 at 07:51

Toady I haven't seen one quite like it. Value for money with that one


Posted: 11/07/2014 at 07:40

Good morning everyone.

I'm tired reading what everyone has done. After painting the shed and watering I didn't do much, and pizza for tea didn't suit me so have had a rough night, too much cheese doesn't suit gallstones  desire overcame common sense

Unusual photo Chicky.

Well done Panda

Dove I've also got HW to do  and some ironing  if I leave it any longer it will look like a bouncy castle in a basket. I didn't feel guilty leaving it to pile up when I was at the salt mines

Good to hear new job going great MrsGarden, check your PM's when you get chance.


Lidl bulbs and plants

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 19:55

Fidget just behave yourself  


Posted: 10/07/2014 at 19:51

Lily is going to be my voice coach  she doesn't know yet.


Posted: 10/07/2014 at 19:49

Fidget, Verdun will have them

Lizzie not good news. When I sing if you don't recognise the words you won't know what the song is  I do like to join in but others just don't appreciate my talent.

Companion planting

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 19:39

Linda you say that the flowers are being eaten and you only have stalks left  as Bekkie says aphids don't eat plants. I wonder if your flowers are dropping off due to blossom drop.


Posted: 10/07/2014 at 19:19

Lily on your last day you will float out of there  have a great evening.


Posted: 10/07/2014 at 19:11

In S.Yorks, my outdoor cherry toms are doing great, loads on and starting to ripen. In GH gardener's delight doing okay, St.Pierre ( first time for these) Pants!!

Slug and Snail slime

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 19:04


nin  my feet could do with it at times, I do walk on the garden in flip flops  How about wearing thin disposable gloves

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