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Have I overdone it?

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:57

Artjak & Steve I'm sorry if I upset either but as has been pointed out we are entitled to have our say and I haven't posted about 40 lines of it every night   

Have I overdone it?

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:50

bbc, I won't re-hash all that the mods have removed that Mike has posted in the past. But will say that at no time has DavidK told people new posters they get on is t**s and that regulars on the forum ( even ones who donated and sent him flowers) could p*ss off after he asked for opinoins and didn't like what they posted, that was the 2nd time he announced he was leaving the forum. Now back for a fourth time and nothing's all about Mike or he doesn't want to talk.

Have I overdone it?

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:39

bbcoaster that was a joke made by David, no one on that thread took offence we all knew it was a joke.  It was on the thread that I mentioned to you earlier the one that that would suit Mike's needs to chat and share his troubles.


Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:31
LesleyK wrote (see)

Sounds like it KEF - saw an edit.  Poor guy.

Rather him than me..glad he's been in touch


Walled garden with cottage to rent

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:27

missknottie I hope you do find a tenant who will appeciate the property & soz I thought you were doing an advert, apols given where due.  KEF 


Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:18

Rhona it is only supposed to happen one day a year ( or so I believed) I think weather has been odd. I don't think it should be a problem needing treatment, just spray with hosepipe near your house and they should soon been gone anyway. I just close windows for a time, if any get in our conservatory I suck them up vac nozzle. There are usually loads of them but they soon disappear, they don't bite or anything just a pest when you are outside.


Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:06

Lesley does he mean he's seasick ?


Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:05

Heck we only got half your post Edd ...very sick  wot you mean ? Fetch yourself home right now man !!


Posted: 03/09/2014 at 21:02

Edd Yippee...hope you are well we have missed you

Walled garden with cottage to rent

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 20:59

Sounds lovely but a bit of a naughty unpaid for advert

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