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Posted: 21/08/2015 at 15:05

Runny big hugs I hope you don't have shingles or if you do you get meds in time to stop it xx


Posted: 21/08/2015 at 15:04

Hi all 

Well done Fairy 100 

David that was amazing, it takes longer for a bus to get here than your parcel  Are you gonna tell us wot you bought 

P doc & LilyP & Hosta and all walking (hobbling) wounded hope you are okay.

Had five hours x2 at mum's in her garden, I'm sure I said we would not do that again She was well pleased and insisted we had a reward  don't usually accept anything but she insisted so we now have £15 for a meal out for us both LOL 

Gardeners and their 4 Legged friends

Posted: 20/08/2015 at 18:24

Any number of legs okay 

Mr. Goose used to help Runny 


Posted: 20/08/2015 at 18:14

Well done Chicklet  Have a celebration drink Chicky 


Posted: 20/08/2015 at 17:15

Thanks folks  She has offers of more training and further education I will have to see, she's currently in Italy. 


Posted: 20/08/2015 at 16:43

Happy here  My niece has passed all her 10 exams with A's & B's and an A* in English literature ..thing is she wants to be a ballerina and trains and dances with the Northern Ballet, decision time me thinks 

useful non- gardening tools.

Posted: 20/08/2015 at 14:31

Mesh laundry bags for hanging up and storing onions / shallots 


Posted: 20/08/2015 at 08:40

Good morning all 


It's my birthday

Posted: 20/08/2015 at 08:37

Happy birthday Panda  Have a great day x


Posted: 19/08/2015 at 09:14

Good morning all

Today I will conquering some dead heading 

Panda xx

BFN enjoy your day peeps.

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