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Talkback: Hardy annuals

Posted: 07/07/2012 at 12:23
I decided to little while ago to buy seeds and get a hanging basket, I have now gone to 2 hanging baskets and 2 big flower trough's lol. I have loads of hardy annuals but worried they will only last for 1 year but i read the advice ubove" Many hardy annuals also generously set seed. Either collect seed or let it fall onto the soil around and you'll have more flowers next year for free" so i take it they will drop seeds and then regrow? I am new to this its my first time but loving seeding flowers. I have Pansy mixes, petunia mixes, stock mixes, aster, candytuft, mesembryaanthemum, marigold, lobelia, forget me not, sweet peas, coleus mix, dahlia doble mixed and pompon mix and busy lizzies.cant wait for them to flower. Any advice would be great thanks
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