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Talkback: New Zealand flatworms

Posted: 27/04/2012 at 16:38

perth-put down heavy plastic,old carpet etc with a bit of weight on it,check on it frequently.worms are nocturnal and like damp cool areas to hide. tell tales are circular slime patches...the worms can be tiny 1cm to6 or 7.they allways curl up and expose a light pinkish frill and look like a bit of slime,they stick to just about anything and are easy to pick up,you must totally mash them!!!! eggs are shiny black about 4mm.i find and kill them almost daily but the earthworms are on the increase,tell your neighbours because they will have them if u do.beware dogs will eat the mashed worms and will be sick ours is currently very ill with suspected poisoning!

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