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Unidentified cherry pest

Posted: 29/07/2015 at 15:56
hi again,
has a spray or prevention method been recommended for next year or is this now bush tucker only.?

Unidentified cherry pest

Posted: 18/07/2015 at 13:48
hi had trouble with reply now working clicked basic editor so now able to type. Anyway my location is lowestoft the most easterly point of Britain maggot came out when put in syrup so may also work with just water or maybe a light brine.
sorry for the delay in reply.

Unidentified cherry pest

Posted: 15/07/2015 at 14:30

put some cherries in syrup today.had a few bruised ones left over. so put these in a covered ramekin with left over syrup early this morning. Just had a look with view to snack O dear!! maggot has a emerged  from a pin prick hole now visible.Is this the dreaded ECF?? I wonder and how much extra protein have I eaten in the passed !!?

bush tucker Kev.

Unidentified cherry pest

Posted: 15/07/2015 at 04:43

Had some damaged cherries this year found this happened over night just before they are properly ripe after  two nights got fed up with more damage so removed rest of cherries they are nearly ready have enjoyed a good few. I suspected mice but have no hard evidence of the culprut ,very keen bird feeder just next door?best way of ripening anyone apart from leave on tree?

regards kev

Cats in gardens

Posted: 02/05/2015 at 06:41

thanks David  looks good but think it may spray  people next door as well have gardens either side ?

Cats in gardens

Posted: 30/04/2015 at 06:23

I let the dogs out if one is visiting my plot and also if handy use the hose they still persist so I mainly net off anything I hope to eat , as for a device I think you would need something to cover a large area. Most of my neiboughs have cats so theres often anew one around so just have to live with it.I'll have a look at the defender on amazon as at £20  is worth a go for a result.

I need a 360 degree manure guide!!

Posted: 05/04/2015 at 08:29

ok thats good so if i use from bottom hatch for runner trench should be ok or do i need to wait till next year ?


I need a 360 degree manure guide!!

Posted: 05/04/2015 at 04:30

Hi New Question'

When I open my composter it is crawling with all manner of garden pests slugs wood lice small flies etc and some good worms will they eventually disappear or is this a disaster waiting to happen for my veg plot. ?

greenhouse plastic fittings

Posted: 03/04/2015 at 18:47

thanks for the replies . today we have resurrected the walk in greenhouse half a reel of gaffertape and some positive thinking now back in the growing game. I also have some trailer straps spare so will storm rig it tommorrow. Bekkie thanks for the offer on the fittings i think we will be ok now all taped up  worst case senrio I'll make a stronger frame.happy Gardening everyone.


greenhouse plastic fittings

Posted: 03/04/2015 at 05:02

Hi all,

Bought one of those cheap walkin green houses just got seeds going well then despite beening well wieghted down growbags etc the latest wind had other ideas, the plastic fittings corners and apex snapped wrecking the structure, have used gaffer tape and saved most seedling to main glassgreen house.

question anyone know of some better fittings or cheap spares or is it best to forget the whole idea even though it worked well with propergating ?


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