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About me:Live NE Scotland (though originally from South East UK). Have just inherited 1/3 acre garden with the cottage I recently purchased. It’s previously been landscaped into a massive veg plot, then put back to grass so have spent the last 4 months re-landscaping it into a modest veg plot, 1 massive flowerbed, smaller flowerbeds, a mini-orchard, & have yet to cut my soft fruit area. I have 2 small greenhouses (metal frame & plastic cover type) and have recently bought a second-hand aluminium & glass one to put together - just how many greenhouses does one person need? I've never had one, so am playing at seeing what I can grow in them. This is the biggest garden I've ever had, & feel very lucky that I can now play with it to my heart's content. I have 2 dogs, who love the garden also and are happy that you can throw a frizbee full whack without damaging anything! I'd say I'm relatively experienced in the garden, know a reasonable amount of plants, but as ever am always learning new names of plants, and wanting new things. I have lots of different birds to the garden, and deer outside my kitchen window. Haven't seen any badgers or foxes though, and will be making a hedgehog habitat in the near future. I'm planting flowerbeds everywhere I possibly can, and search constantly for insect friendly species to encourage the wildlife. My next project in the garden, after sorting my fruit patch, will be a pond - about 15' x 7' I reckon. There’s already a trench dug in the far corner of the garden which is going to become my pond, only problem is my garden's on a slight slope, so I have to figure out what to put at the lower end to stop the water just running away. Might have to speak to the local farmer to drop a couple massive boulders there I reckon, line with carpet and then liner and away I go! looking forward to getting frogs and toads in the garden / pond, already dug up one toad when I was cutting my veg patch (don't think he was best pleased as he squirted at me!!)
more coming soon...