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I can't even grow from seed!!!!!!!

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 20:22

 I've only just started using jiffy 7 pots as both Mark Diacono and Sarah Raven (my gurus) swear by them. However.... finding them quite weird to use and seeing v negative comments on some USA websites re drying out and damping off etc.

So here are some no doubt really daft questions - what's the best way to label them? I didn't want to plant a whole tray with same seed so had to label each pot individually. I'm using the smallest plastic labels I can but hard to get them inside the pot and then they keep falling out! all a bit stressie if you ask me! 

Also when I first watered them to get them swell up they were absolutely drenched even after I drained them off. Didn't seem a good start in life for wee seeds to me! 

Anyone got some general tips and hints on using Jiffy 7 pots.


Also - general question - to exclude light or not? Same experts seem to give differing advice depending on which of their books/websites/seed packets you read and I am now really confused!! Any advice much appreciated

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