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Push mowers

Posted: 19/06/2012 at 22:06

I find it a lot less work than my old electric mower, particularly becuse it is so much lighter.  My old mower used to make by shoulders ache and my lovely panther doesn't.

Is everyone else's plants very late this year?

Posted: 19/06/2012 at 21:21

I think that everyone is facing the same issue.  My strawberries are about a month behind where they would be usually.

slug pellets

Posted: 19/06/2012 at 21:18

I have absolutely no problem with the sound of snails crunching underfoot.  It is one of my favourite sounds.

Fork Handles

Posted: 19/06/2012 at 21:06

Splended day in the sunshine at Wisley.  Restricted myself to the Alpine section of the plant shop so only spent £1.99.   The roses were absolutely fantastic.  Anyone nearish to Wisley must go and see them.  Hundreds in all colours, shapes and sizes. 

Am now sait in the garden with laptop listening to the birds.  Making the most of the lovely sunny evening - the sun doesn't go down for another 20 minutes!!!

aphids on apple tree - help!

Posted: 18/06/2012 at 23:20

If the apple tree is still small  and they are only on the new leaves, you can just wipe off the aphids or blackfly with your finger and thumb.  I did that when my tree was a baby and it was OK.

June in Your Garden!

Posted: 18/06/2012 at 23:05

I like it when people say they like gardens on the wild side.   It makes me feel better about the wild way everything takes off in mine.  The only bit of bare soil is in the veg patch where my runner beans are fighting a losing battle with the slugs and cats. 

Fork Handles

Posted: 18/06/2012 at 23:01

Oh no, don't say it's nearly Wimbledon.  I was hoping that the weather was cheering up and Wimbledon will be the kiss of death!!

I'm off to Wisley with my dad tomorrow.

BTW.  Why does Monty not do his coat up when he is out in the rain?  He spends a lot of time on GW looking rather damp and I worry about his chest.

Fork Handles

Posted: 13/06/2012 at 23:16

Oooh Geoff.  What will Harry do now?  (He is one of only two people I know in the world of football - the other being David Beckham!)

Push mowers

Posted: 13/06/2012 at 22:38

I love my qualcast panther 380.  I can't quite remember when I bought it but it was some time ago.  It is lightweight, easy to use, doesn't take up much room in the shed and cuts nicely.  I can still hear the birds singing whilst I'm mowing and I am not using any electricity.

Fork Handles

Posted: 13/06/2012 at 22:34

Hosepipe ban is over so it should stop raining now.

I spent a few happy hours in my sunny garden after work today.  Compost bin completely stuffed full so had to fill up a couple of sacks whilst it rots down a bit.

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