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Rose cutting putting out new growth which dies

Posted: 07/03/2013 at 11:26
Hi thanks for both your replies. The conservatory isn't heated and has been freezing cold all winter! It's heated only on occasion and maybe we've heated it a couple of times over the whole winter - and only for a maximum of 8hrs each time. But I did heat it last weekend so maybe that might have triggered it? I think also where the the weather got a bit warmer it meant that the conservaory's temperature must have crept up too and then I heated it for an afternoon! I've put it out in the greenhouse where it's quite cool. Do you think it will recover or is it doomed? Anything i can di to help it? I've only had to water it once - just as I noticed the leaves wilting - otherwise it was moist in the conservatory with grit on top of the compost. Thanks for your help! Kris

Rose cutting putting out new growth which dies

Posted: 06/03/2013 at 22:04
Hello, I took a new rose cutting in autumn and potted it in good draining compost. The stem looks very healthy and has nice green buds all along it. The top two buds put out new leaves which looked a lush green and healthy. However, all of a sudden the baby leaves are wilting. One seemed to put out a little seed head which I removed. The other buds still look healthy. The compost feels moist and I recently watered it lightly. It's in the conservatory. Is the whole thing going to die? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks. Kris
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Rose cutting putting out new growth which dies

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