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Do you remember?

Posted: Today at 07:56

It really was a different world back then.  Simpler, safer....for kids at least.

They wont catch me......

Posted: Yesterday at 21:26

Years ago I worked with a guy who was a cycling nut.  He came into work one day and proclaimed that he'd just got new cycling shorts with a chamois gusset.  I'm still traumatised by that image!

Do you remember?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:22
fidgetbones says:

I think they were pre war, or 50's at best. We were at my nans along with three of my cousins and they got dragged out of a drawer.

See original post

 What??  Your cousins lived in a drawer??!!

My neighbours must think I'm nuts!

Posted: Yesterday at 21:19

My next door neighbour always cuts his grass after dark.  We can only assume he thinks the grass won't see the mower coming and so can't get out of the way!

Anyone know these gloves?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:16

Interesting that none of their gloves are actually marketed as gardening gloves.  I haven't managed to find any which look like your photo's either.  Might we worth dropping the company an e-mail with the photo attached.  Never know they might even take pity on you and sent you a free pair.

Mares Tail

Posted: Yesterday at 18:45

Marestail doesn't like competition so ground cover plants help to control it, but not eradicate it.  I would suggest trampling on the marestail to bruise it, assuming there aren't other plants there, and then spray with high concentration glyphosate.  Once it dies back try to get other stuff planted a.s.a.p.

Neighbours fence falling down

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 19:43

You need the sort of neighbours my niece has.  She recently moved to South Wales and the fence there was falling down.  Definitely her responsibility and she got it sorted.  Her neighbour insisted on paying half because they get half the benefit!

Turf laid by gardener

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 09:03

There shouldn't be any gaps between newly laid turfs.  In this weather it will need to be watered almost every day or the turfs will shrink.  As the new turf if dark in colour it doesn't sound as if it has been stored for long as it would actually be pale and straggly if it had been.

Advice needed for Pointing a garden patio

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 08:55

Sorry to say I think you will have problems in the longer term with any pointing due to the voids you have described.  It would be worth looking up specialist paving suppliers in your area and asking for their advice.

Not much help now, but surely the guy who laid the slabs should have done the pointing too?

Garden Rescue - TV Programme

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 08:49

I don't care whether Charlie 8 stone or 28 stone, it's a total irrelevance to the programme.  However, I've only watched a couple of episodes and havent' been very impressed.  In one, Charlie totally ignored the brief of needing privacy in a garden which was overlooked from the road and footpath.  Her comment along the lines of "I've blown the budget on plants, they can sort the fence themselves later" is simply not acceptable.

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