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Big Dreams Small Spaces

Posted: 05/02/2017 at 13:04
Palaisglide says:

Did not like the brickyard at all, typical though all the changes of mind and little idea of the cost, I would have been sorting that lady out very quickly.See original post

 What do you mean?  The contractor isn't going to 'sort her out' as he will be making money from every change she makes.  It's not up to Monty either to say she can't do this or that.  Her husband didn't seem in the least bothered about the cost.

Big Dreams Small Spaces

Posted: 04/02/2017 at 10:50

Fairygirl, I think you're absolutely right about people underestimating the cost of hard landscaping.  Just doing our patio took 2 people nearly 2 weeks.  It's a largish area with raised beds at the side, but just the labour cost for that is substantial.  Add the cost of materials and the cost can soon rocket.  Just make sure you have a fixed price quote, not an estimate, before the work begins.

Obviously the price is much lower if you can do the work yourself, but I can't.

Ruin in the garden

Posted: 04/02/2017 at 10:42

One thing it is very effective at is providing height in a flat garden.  As DHR says, so many rockeries end up looking like dog cemeteries.

Big Dreams Small Spaces

Posted: 03/02/2017 at 20:47

The 'folly garden' cost about £25k according to long suffering hubby.  If that's how they want to spend their money then good luck to them.  Complete remodelling of my own garden probably hasn't cost much less than that over the years, although it is a lot bigger than theirs.

The allotment garden was inspirational.  The amount of work and dedication was amazing.

Ruin in the garden

Posted: 03/02/2017 at 20:44

It's not something I would want in my garden, but it looked good nonetheless.

Privacy problems

Posted: 30/01/2017 at 15:07

Bamboo will give extra height, but it's value as a screen is extremely limited.  I had a bamboo covering an area approximately 10 ft x 4 ft and could still see straight through it.

The dreaded Leylandii would certainly create a fast growing screen, but would need regular cutting to keep it under control. 

Birds attacking onions

Posted: 28/01/2017 at 18:02

I read somewhere recently that the advice now when planting onion sets is to completely bury them, as opposed to previous thinking of having the top exposed.  By burying them, just below the surface, the roots have a chance to develop and anchor the onions before the birds can try to pull them up.

Memories of your childhood gardens

Posted: 27/01/2017 at 08:06

Because my dad was in the RAF we never did much with the garden at home.  Mum kept it tidy, planted some annuals and salad crops but that was about it.

The garden memory for me is our yearly visit to my Gran in Scotland for our summer holidays.  She had gooseberry bushes along one side of the path, and we were allowed to help ourselves.  The sight and smell of 'goosegogs' still bring those memories, from over half a century ago, flooding back.

Edging Tools - University Project Help

Posted: 26/01/2017 at 18:35

I'm assuming you are talking about the half moon edging tool.  For me the main problem tends to be that the handle is too short.  I've got over that by buying the Wolf interchangeable tools and using one of the longer handles.

Re-Felting Shed Roofs.

Posted: 26/01/2017 at 07:53

Not bragging aym.  DHR did the work himself - that's something to brag about.  I just know a 'man who can'

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