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Biggest square rigid pond liner

Posted: 12/03/2017 at 19:57

I'd check with somewhere like World of Water, they seem to cover most of the country and should be able to tell you what's available.

Gardeners' World

Posted: 12/03/2017 at 10:07
punkdoc says:

I think that one of the problems, is that we all want different things.

Beginners want basics, whereas the more experienced want something different.

I think that it is very difficult for one show to fulfil all requirements.

Like Verdun, I would like whole programs devoted to particular gardens.

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 And that surely is where good producers provide a balance through the series.  I don't think GW is the place to have a complete programme devoted to one garden, there have been other series doing that sort of thing. 

Even many experienced gardeners aren't experts on everything.  From a person perspective, I'm just trying to get back into veg growing after many years.  Everything I once knew is long forgotten, so basic is what I want there.  I don't understand the annual obsession with Monty cutting back his grapes.  They could just use the same clip from previous years.

Gardeners' World

Posted: 12/03/2017 at 10:02
aym280 says:

I'm sure all gardening programmes are closely associated with seasonal flowers, trade, tools and feeds.. Remember Beechgrove showing us all the gadgets for growing tomatoes .. or seed trays with jiffy pellets or seed tapes.. I remember someone saying certain show exhibited all the plants and whatnots from Althons .. I, for one, am glad that the programme is not tied to commercial sponsorship, unlike those from other channels.  

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 Beechgrove is on BBC as well so I don't understand your comment about commercial sponsorship.  If you remember, Beechgrove also showed that most of the gadgets for tomato growing aren't worth having.  Of course gardening programmes are "closely associtated with seasonal flowers..."  It would be a bit pointless to have a programme about spring bulbs in the middle of summer.

Are there any roller mowers that can mulch?

Posted: 11/03/2017 at 22:15

They are out there.  Just search 'mulching roller mower' and then read the description to confirm that they fit the bill.

Little worms in water butt!

Posted: 10/03/2017 at 16:27
Fairygirl says:

If you read the whole thread, which isn't very long,  you'll get the info, pezza. It's all there in a few posts  

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 Alternatively, a simple answer of "No they won't harm the puppy" would be a helpful one.

Is this fair?

Posted: 09/03/2017 at 19:55

Just like the song by Shaggy, just say "It wasn't me"


Posted: 08/03/2017 at 15:35

Ride on mower!

Do i need permission from the landlord to start a vegetable patch?

Posted: 07/03/2017 at 12:23

I've never rented but I would imagine there is some kind of 'catch all' section referring to the property being left as it was found when the tenant moves.  If that is the case the OP might have to returf the area if it is changed from lawn to garden.

Even if the landlord agrees to the tenant creating a veg patch, it would be worth checking if reinstatement would be required if the tenant leaves.

Choice of New Camera

Posted: 06/03/2017 at 13:28
Doghouse Riley says:

 A good way of keeping a compact camera steady, is using the same method as you would with binoculars.

Put the camera up to your eye and then pull your elbows in tight to the sides of your ribs.

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 That's not always possible with compact cameras.  Many don't have any form of viewfinder other than the rear screen.  To use them you have to hold the camera away from your face.  It's one of the reasons I don't like using a smartphone as a camera.  I'll always use a dSRL as first choice, followed by a compact with optical viewfinder.

Choice of New Camera

Posted: 06/03/2017 at 08:43
Steve the Gardening Vet says:

Good points KT53, there are very few pics that are not enhanced by the use of a tripod!

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 True, but a tripod isn't always a practical proposition. Some of the ultra compacts don't even have a tripod bush.  Many people think that smaller is automatically better, which is certainly not the case when trying to keep a camera steady. 

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