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How many front gardens on your street are green not grey?

Posted: 02/08/2016 at 07:57
aym280 says:

Steve the Gardening Vet:  Yes, I have found that most front lawns are just glorified car park. 

KT, you could add a feature of two like Natalie L to soften the look and it could inspire neighbours to do the same. Pragmatic and yet attractive and low maintenance. 

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 There will be pots and planters, it certainly won't just be an area of stone chippings or shingle.  I won't have permanent features such as small trees or beds in it as that would prevent it being used for parking if needed.  It's not a huge area, roughly 4.5 x 6.5 metres.  It will still have flower beds on 2 sides.

How many front gardens on your street are green not grey?

Posted: 01/08/2016 at 22:27

Our front garden is shortly to lose the green bit.  I refrain from calling it lawn because that implies grass.  I've tried all sorts of things but it has never grown properly.  I'm widening the borders and having the green stuff replaced by stone chippings on a permeable membrane.  Although we don't plan to use it for car parking, the spec will allow that use if required.

Levelling garden

Posted: 01/08/2016 at 17:20

Are you trying to get the entire lawn flat i.e. on the same level at both ends, or just looking to get rid of the humps and bumps to create a new smooth lawn?  To get the lawn flat is likely to entail moving large amounts of earth even if it's only a few inches different from one end to the other.  The slight slope will also possibly help with drainage.


Posted: 01/08/2016 at 08:24

I think you'll be pushing it to find a 10 x 8 greenhouse for under £500 unless you're lucky enough to find somebody who wants to get rid of one.  Buying a cheap greenhouse will almost certainly be a false economy.  Also check that the price includes the base if buying aluminium.

first time hedge trimmer buyer

Posted: 01/08/2016 at 08:16

I can't imagine any lightweight trimmer being up to the job of cutting that amount of hedge so it really is a petrol trimmer job, as you suggested yourself.  I would advise going along to a specialist garden machinery supplier so you can get their advice and actually handle the various options.

Cutting the high side is going to be problematic whichever route you take.  Long reach trimmers are unwieldy and get very heavy to use, very quickly.  You really need a movable platform of some kind, whether that be a well build stepladder or a builder type platform.  I have a 13 in 1 ladder which converts to a work platform standing roughly 3' high.  That would probably be high enough to access the high side of your hedge, assuming flat ground at that side.

The ladder is similar to this http://www.carvers.co.uk/products/MAXIM-13-WAY-MULTIFOLD-LADDER/P144281

Why is your name so called?

Posted: 31/07/2016 at 21:22

Initials and house number.  I'm a very original thinker

What is eating my hydrangea?

Posted: 30/07/2016 at 11:41

I had the same problem and showed the damage to the experts at our local nursery.  They put it down to caterpillars and recommended one of the systemic insecticides.  I used it once and no more damage so I guess they were right.

Garden Rescue - TV Programme

Posted: 30/07/2016 at 11:39
Fairygirl says:

BL - the 'updated' quote option isn't nearly as good as the old one which you had to click and unclick! 

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 Now ain't that the truth.  So many of the changes to the forum seem to have had a negative effect on its user friendliness.  Unfortunately, I will be surprised if anything is done to address any more of the outstanding issues raised by members.  This is definitely a situation where I will love to be proved wrong.


Posted: 29/07/2016 at 19:18

I'm so tempted to say it's best with the cat still attached, but I'll resist.

Garden Rescue - TV Programme

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 19:16
Doghouse Riley says:

At least the word "Hairy," appears nowhere in the title.

Last edited: 29 July 2016 17:51:16

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 There's a scary thought.  I used to really like the Hairy Bikers but Dave Myers has turned into a pretentious pillock.  What's that 'tache with the waxed ends all about.  They were just 2 normal blokes who loved motor bikes and food.

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