London (change)

L Bennett

About me:Novice but love gardening, dad of 2 growing fruit and veg for my family. Live in Essex :) Growing Tomatoes - Moneymaker - Marmande - Gardeners Delight x2 Potatoes - Maris Piper - King Edward - Maris Peer French Beans Dwarf french beans Sweetcorn Leeks Carrots Beetroot Parsnips Garlic Onions Courgettes Gherkins Cucumbers Radish Rocket Raspberries Chillies - Basket of fire - Jalapenos - Scotch Bonnet - Banana - Apache - Cayenne Bell Peppers Strawberries Chives Mint Dill Rosemary Parsley Sage No doubt I have forgotten something but yeah....I am addicted
more coming soon...