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Puzzlers Corner 2

Posted: Today at 19:03


Puzzlers Corner 2

Posted: Today at 18:59


Resurrected Twelve

Posted: Today at 18:29


Weed or flower ?

Posted: Today at 15:08

Its virtually impossible to get rid of. As you say it will die back and disappear in Summer only to return again in Spring. Its fairly resistant to most weedkillers too. I don't mind it as the yellow flowers are a good food for early foraging bees and I have learned to live with it.

Resurrected Twelve

Posted: Today at 15:00

Wow I love your basement Joyce. I could fill that no problem - then probably forget all about the stuff I put there. Hunger has driven me in - just as the London Marathon programme is finishing. Now to raid the fridge.


Posted: Today at 12:18

I saw the other post Joyce. No pups - dead.

Bamboo Canes

Posted: Today at 12:17

Thanks T'Bird. I expected that was the answer!


Posted: Today at 12:01

Maggie, if your plant hasn't produced any so called 'pups' then sadly it is finished and should be just thrown away.


Posted: Today at 12:00

Joyce, for some reason some people type the three letters above the text box. Most odd.

Bamboo Canes

Posted: Today at 11:58

I think its sheer hard work digging. Not sure you can buy dynamite easily Seriously though, I have a similar task ahead of me and I read that the runners are fairly near the surface but the fibrous roots can go down 2-3 feet. If anyone has an answer I'm joining jeffs queue for knowledge too.

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