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Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 13:50

PF you've got an ear worm!

Chey - I hope with a name like Luco he's a big red tabby

Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 13:36

I'm still waiting to grow up. Somebody tell me when that is likely to happen so I can brace myself

Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 13:26

Pauline - lets just hope it is more cautiously optimistic than first thought. We'll be keeping you in our thoughts for sure.

Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 13:24

PF - I'm getting a feeling of déjà vu here. Someone else mentioned Belleville Rendezvous the other week. Now this is hot music

Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 13:01

Seriously though, as has been said by other Rezzers, you are more than welcome here.

Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 13:00

Politely declining means all the more for us

Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 12:59

Any mention of unmentionable subjects (you'll soon find out what these are!) and Colonel Tiny Tank orders Super Sarge out:

We take no prisoners.

Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 12:56

Hello and welcome Cheyngel. You'll certainly fit in here with being a lovely cat owner but we like any kind of pet on Rez. Just to give you a flavour of our madness - we all worship the mystic kettle or coffee maker on here and we share our


Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 12:11

Kitty if buying from Amazon itself you will be ok but third party sellers on Amazon can be a bit dodgy. Most items come with reviews and they can be helpful in letting you know if the sellers are trustworthy or not.

Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 11:27

Kitty, I have bought 100s of plants online over the years without too much hassle at all. Pick your sellers carefully.

F'edge - they tried that 'fish nibbling the hard skin off your feet' over here but I think that animal welfare charities are trying to put a stop to that thank goodness. Poor little fish were kept in the most unhealthy of environments. There is also the possibility of getting infection if you have even the smallest of wounds on your feet or legs and cross contamination from other users of the fish tanks is possible.

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