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Furry leaf plant id please

Posted: Yesterday at 22:23

Well I grow them in my garden and my cat hasn't suffered any ill effects similarly with foxgloves. I also grow lilies which are poisonous to cats and I've had several cats over 30 odd years who have lived to a ripe old age.

What to plant here

Posted: Yesterday at 22:02

The tree looks like one of the Cupressus macrocarpa groups - possibly Goldcrest. Do as greenfingers steve suggests and put lots of compost and fertiliser in the soil and you could try another Goldcrest in front to hide the bare base.

Wayside's comment was referring to two evergreens that WILL regrow branches  after hard pruning - yew and thuja. Most evergreens won't do this.

Furry leaf plant id please

Posted: Yesterday at 21:50

I would definitely plant it out and give it a bit of food. Echiums will seed where they are happy. This one is a biennial - like a foxglove. It will produce a rosette of leaves in its first year and then flower in the second.

New Strawberries

Posted: Yesterday at 21:47

Hi again gallerchick1. This is normal procedure for some plants as it allows the plant to 'bulk up' before being allowed to produce fruit. However, I wouldn't worry too much. Leave the flowers and enjoy the fruit

Furry leaf plant id please

Posted: Yesterday at 21:45

Hi loli. It looks a little bit like echium vulgare (a hungry one as they are usually bigger ). Be careful of the hairs as they can be a skin irritant. Have you noticed the bees flocking round it as echium is one of their favourites.

First bites of the year

Posted: Yesterday at 21:15

Take Brewers Yeast tablets daily. Allegedly the smell puts off bitey things. Sorry I have no empirical evidence of this.

Inscect ID

Posted: Yesterday at 21:11

I posted a while back to say I had heard and seen wasps 'eating' my shed door - grazing tiny channels in the wood to chew into paper to make their nest. Hornets are not as aggressive as wasps despite their intimidating look.


Posted: Yesterday at 21:05

Hi SAPPHIREXX. Personally I would always line a wooden planter making sure there were plenty of holes in the liner to allow for drainage.

Plants safe for rabbits

Posted: Yesterday at 21:01

Hi Sharon. If you look online for rabbit resistant plants you might find what you are looking for. I could make suggestions but I don't know whether they would be safe if a bunny decided to have a nibble.

Planting Heather

Posted: Yesterday at 20:56

Hi Learner Bronnie. I think that as you have struggled to grow things under your box hedge the heather would have little chance of surviving either. If you had a more open space in your garden then the heather may do better there.

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