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I don't believe it!

Posted: Today at 10:05

I know it won't hurt the turf as there is an excellent groundsman there. Its just that the idea of a load of men with more padding than the complete stock of Balconette bras in the whole Universe of M&S stores, racing up and down the home of English rugby, is not a thought my poor brain can cope with.

Sloe gin recipes

Posted: Today at 08:25

Thank you so much for that recipe AWB. It sounds absolutely delicious. Just got to find sloes now.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:26

Signing out now Brainiacs. Night night to you all. Will probably run into some on the forum but will be back next Sunday with some more puzzles (and the answers to the two left if they are not identified). Will definitely change the format and just give you two at a time so that people (and me) don't get lost trying to retrace steps. Lx


Posted: Yesterday at 22:19

Pleas don't gouge your cheeks RB and here's a teeny tiny star for Cold!


Posted: Yesterday at 22:16
Ladybird4 says:


Last edited: 23 October 2016 19:16:44

See original post

 There is a missing picture on this one which slipped through so you have only 2 to do before next week.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:09

P.S. I think you can put down the answer I gave you as no one else has it yet


Posted: Yesterday at 22:08

No RB but think about what is shown in the little picture.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:06


for Mr Mercedes


Posted: Yesterday at 22:04

Get them sweeping up leaves Kitty.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:03

He is a rat bag isn't he? Very impressed with Demelza decking him though.

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