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Thapsia villosa

Posted: Today at 12:36

I agree Bee. Have you thought about contacting places that have poison gardens such as Blarney Castle in N. Ireland or Alnwick Garden in Northumberland. They may be able to help you.

Japanese Maple

Posted: Today at 12:30

The trees all seem to grow quite normally but as 4 of my 'babies' are in pots they may have been slightly restricted. When I sowed the seeds I just left them in pots in the garden through one winter allowing the frost to promote germination. I wouldn't worry about a propagator. It only took one winter for them to start growing and I separated the seedlings into individual pots once they were large enough to handle.

Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Today at 12:09

Afties all - just. Lovely to see all the dormice are up and about. Hello to the quiet corner too.

I am going out for a meal in a while. My bro and SIL + plus her sis and BIL are having a joint meal to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversaries this year. Just their immediate families and brothers and sisters - hence my invite. Then I'm coming back to go and have a birthday drink with my cat sitter, Jack, who is 87 today.

Chey, rock on. Simply the Best!

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Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Today at 06:36

F-Day - 2 Gosh its getting ever nearer. Cannot believe its a year since my last trip away. Equilux day today then by the time I'm back the serious knitting will be coming out once more as it will be too dark at night to do anything in the garden.

Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Today at 06:24

Good morning all. Oh Joyce, my thoughts will be with you and your daughter. A worrying time for you all.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday.

Money tree dying

Posted: Yesterday at 20:50

You are most welcome.

God and Lawn Care

Posted: Yesterday at 20:49

Me too. I suspect it might have originated in America - spellings and references to plants like milkweeds. My brother sent it to me and it made me smile so I thought I would share it.

Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 20:41

I hope all Rezzers have a peaceful night and that the new day tomorrow moves everyone closer to recovery from the various ills. Nighty night all.

Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 20:24

Evening all. I'm cream crackered right now. Almost packed - just the things that I need to use up until the day are still out of the case. Gave the fish a partial water change and some courgette which they love. Lily keeps giving me strange looks. I'm sure she knows I'm going away.

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Thapsia villosa

Posted: Yesterday at 14:27

Hi Bee. It might be difficult to get seeds of this as all parts of it are so poisonous. Any contact with the root alone can cause severe swelling and itching.

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