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Puzzlers Corner 2

Posted: Today at 12:12

No Kitty

Puzzlers Corner 2

Posted: Today at 12:12

Its a book - three words in title (a hint for you all).

Puzzlers Corner 2

Posted: Today at 12:11

No M-U

Resurrected Seven

Posted: Today at 11:10

Wow Hazel. Such a wonderful age for your Mum. What do you think you'll get for her? Sorry, that sounds a bit nosy but I meant it in a nice way, as buying for a 96 year old must be challenging.

Resurrected Seven

Posted: Today at 11:08

I would never have thought if those if I'd been asked to guess! I love gherkins and my friend and I on our Thursday get togethers have been known to eat a whole jar full as a snack!

Dead lawn

Posted: Today at 10:06

All good points above and in answer to your earlier question, yes, an electric lawn rake is the same as a scarifier. Allow new grass to develop and if you feel that the lawn is still a bit sparse you can over seed in September/October.

Resurrected Seven

Posted: Today at 09:59

Raining here Joyce - again! Anyone got any blueprints for building an ark?

Tai Haku Tree

Posted: Today at 09:58

Hi Emma. What a beautiful choice of tree. I think that most peoples gardens have been soggy for quite some time but if your garden drains quickly then the cherry should be fine. It also needs to be a fairly deep soil and preferably not overlying chalk. To buy a tree of a decent size you will have to pay quite a lot of money. How high is the hedge? You also need to think about competition for water and nutrients so the tree should not be planted too close to the hedge. It will love the sun in your garden. Now is a good time to plant and I'm sure you will find several suppliers of this tree. Good luck!

Resurrected Seven

Posted: Today at 09:20

What are wallies? SYLVIA - Shows You Like Vain Insipid Autos???

Now I know I am in a parallel universe.

Treated wood to build raised bed yah or nay ???

Posted: Today at 07:33

Hi emma and welcome to the forum. The only wood I would have real concerns about is old used railway sleepers when I would think about using a liner and get the sleepers from a responsible source. Personally I would just go for new railway sleepers and depending on what they are made of consider the use of the pond liner for the softer woods to preserve them.

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