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Plant ID app

Posted: Yesterday at 20:03

I did look at one of these apps after having been told about it. I can't remember if it was this one but I did find out that they would allow one free search and then you had to pay so I kicked that one in touch. To be honest I am quite happy not having the app but this one might be brilliant. I shall await feedback.

Plant ID

Posted: Yesterday at 19:58

When you look into the Geranium family GD, you will be astounded at all the different varieties - shapes, sizes, flower colour etc. that you will just lose count of them all and then choosing will be the hardest thing to do.

Beech nuts

Posted: Yesterday at 19:55

Do not listen to your neighbour - no thats not quite right, listen and ignore! Beech is one of our most beautiful native trees. What exactly do you wish to do to it Sue? Is it major or just a bit of tidying up?


Posted: Yesterday at 18:30

If, as you say,  you've seen the yellow Hellebore then go for it Tingly.

Calla Lilies - Zantedeschia

Posted: Yesterday at 18:26

Your tender Zantedeschia will need to be kept growing until the leaves turn yellow, then you can either remove the rhizome from its pot and store it - similar to a Dahlia tuber - in a dry medium in a frost free place. Alternatively just move the complete pot with the rhizome left in place into a frost free greenhouse to overwinter.

Catus creepie crawlies

Posted: Yesterday at 17:08

Mealybugs by the sound of it. Hard to get rid of. Use a systemic insecticde such as Bug clear ultra. Spraying is not too good as they have a waxy coating on them which protects them.


Posted: Yesterday at 16:27

I composted the innards of 6 small feather cushions from my living room - great compost!

What's devoured my sunflower?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:24

I would get a dedicated bird feeding station and buy containers for mixed seed, nyjer seed and peanuts and the smaller birds will soon arrive. My birds will not eat suet balls but relish the rectangular ones - weird or what?

'But they said anyone can grow this plant!'

Posted: Yesterday at 16:19

Freesias - I've given up now as I've had years of disappointment with them.

Bulbs: When to buy, when to plant?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:15

If possible daffodils should be planted in September - giving them lots of time to grow a strong root system. Tulips should be planted really late November/December.

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