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Mould on climbing roses

Posted: Today at 12:38

Hi Anne. Any chance you can upload a picture so we can see the mould?

Plant ID please

Posted: Today at 12:37

Hi Kerri.  Going off the fading flowers and the developing seed head it looks to me like it may be the yellow paeony called Paeonia mlokosewitschii or Molly the Witch to help pronounciation. If it is then you are very very lucky. Its a beautiful plant and quite hard to get hold of where I am. If you decide it has to be moved then do it in the autumn trying hard not to damage the roots too much (they go very deep!). Do not plant it too deeply in its new home and give it some general fertiliser. It can take a year to settle in.

Canna lily slow to shoot

Posted: Yesterday at 19:18

Hi there. I would keep it in the pot as you suggested. Give it a chance as the slugs might have another go at it if you were to plant it out again.


Posted: Yesterday at 19:14

Hi. It could probably do with dividing to rejuvenate it. They are amazingly tough to dig up - at least mine were - but I do like them.

raised beds

Posted: Yesterday at 19:11

Hi Janet. I think its all up to personal taste and available space. I've no idea how long a wooden bed would last. My raised beds are black plastic of some description.

Lily Beetle !

Posted: Yesterday at 19:08

I lift them off the plants and then stamp on them

Plant Id please.

Posted: Yesterday at 19:07

I agree with Chrissie the gardener and green fingered finch too.

Is something sleeping in my geraniums?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:05

I agree with GFF. The plants look good. After they flower shear them off to ground level and you'll get another flush of flowers.

What is this Beetle

Posted: Yesterday at 18:55

That is fabulous. I would love to see one for real.

Chelsea grass

Posted: Yesterday at 18:38

Margaret. I think I have found the grass. Its Stipa tenuissima.

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