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Posted: Today at 20:53

The fan was for M-U. who now gets a big fat star for helping Hazel.

Toe Knee Cur Tease (thats the poetic licence) its quite hard to do film stars but I will keep trying.


Posted: Today at 20:48
Lantana says:

Think mines already melted. Before I let....OK. ' in...'?? With all those pictures, what about the puzzle bit with 'e' on it? Help LB! Don't get It!

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 Picture of a letter with minus er to give 'let'


Posted: Today at 20:46


Posted: Today at 20:43

Have you taken your tea cosy off?


Posted: Today at 20:41
Lantana says:

MU, what was the answer, then? I'm lost.

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 Before I let you in is the answer.


Posted: Today at 20:40

Sorry RB (and welcome to our Sunday madness!) that is not the right answer.


Posted: Today at 20:37

No to Big Fat Liar; Muffled View and The Painter


Posted: Today at 20:36

That is one of the unsolved ones


Posted: Today at 20:33

Still 5 to get.


Posted: Today at 20:29
Lantana says:

Are all the pics in the bee one only one title?  

 ...Before I airmail......minus e-fit are you a present?  

Better take the coffee warmer off, it isn't helping. Sorry MU, kettle, not teapot, got bemused by all the teacosies.

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 Yes Lantana - just one title

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