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Papaver orientale 'Patty's Plum' Oriental poppy

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: I planted Patty's Plum last autumn in my new garden, and it is now forming flowerheads. I had 11 flowerheads last week, but then suddenly some of them started drooping and from the weight snapped in the wind.
I have now tied the remaining and new ones to bamboo canes, but am hugely worried that I won't have any left before the buds open. Some of the buds have black residue on the spot where the stem seems softer and bendy.

Any clues on why this is happening?

Tropaeolum majus 'Empress of India' Nasturtium

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: Lovely plant, but a sucker for cabbage whites! My initial solution was to distract the butterflies from laying eggs on it with placing a highly scented oriental lily next to it - but after my lily lost its flowers the pests were back and within a few days my poor plant was consumed by larvae and caterpillars.
However, the flowers make a lovely addition to a salad - taste mellow but sweet.