Laila has reviewed 3 plants

Prunus 'Okame' Ornamental cherry

Posted: 03 October 2014
Overall: the French weight them down with parcels of heavy items so they droop. Ive seen it a lot in the Loire area?!

Amelanchier lamarckii Snowy mespilus

Posted: 02 April 2014
Overall: no problem with berry mess on ours! they're very small.

Catalpa bignonioides Indian bean tree

Posted: 02 April 2014
Overall: I love my Catalpa, it doesn't flower as much as I would like though as I prune it hard when its dormant every year to encourage young vigorous growth. Not sure when to prune it this year as we haven't had a frost yet and the last thing I want to do is, prune it then we get a frost. would be about my luck tbh.