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Hedgehog Rescue

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 16:42

I haven't posted for awhile but wanted to tell everyone that my hedgehog is still hibernating.

I found his overwintering hole the other day. Very gratifying actually because there is an obvious hedgehog sized hole burrowed into all the leaves and logs that I had purposefully laid beside my shed and under sheltering trees. I call it my wild part of the garden, kept untidy specifically for wildlife. So now I have somewhere to place him when he is returned to the wild.

Hedgehog Rescue

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 09:33

Thank you everyone and Angie I'm sorry to learn of your loss as well.

Hoggy is still hibernating. He's been out of it for a fortnight now. He's such a lucky boy having a greenhouse to curl up in with this freezing weather!

Hedgehog Rescue

Posted: 20/01/2015 at 09:34

Poor Katie was put to sleep yesterday. I miss her so much, my heart literally aches for her. She was so very special, whenever I went to the loo she'd sit and wait outside for me. She followed me around the house, when I walked up the stairs she'd run up past me and quickly lie down on the top hall so that I'd stroke her. So many things I'll miss.


only leaves

Posted: 15/01/2015 at 15:53

Me too. It had flowers last year but has come up blind (I think that's the term) this year. I kept it cool until Autumn then brought it inside, warmed it up, watered it, fed it and talked to it - nowt' but big shiny leaves. Should I just chuck it or might it flower next year?

Hedgehog Rescue

Posted: 15/01/2015 at 14:15

A quick update, the hedgehog is still hibernating! I heard someone talking about hibernation on Radio 4 this morning (or was I dreaming it??). Hibernation is far more than a sleep, more of a deep unconsciousness. When they come out of it they really don't know where they are (our Hoggy is certainly going to be puzzled when he wakes to find himself inside a greenhouse.)

My cat is not faring so well, she has feline pancreatitis which can be fatal. Things are very much in the balance at the moment. She spent 48 hours at the vets but we have her at home now, keeping a close eye on her and trying to pursuade her to eat. We have no intention of letting her suffer for any longer than necessary. It's a sad time. I'm sorry to bore people with my cat whoes, I realize that not everyone on this forum is a cat lover.

Hope your cat has fared better Victoria and I'm so sorry Tootles that you lost yours, but 14yrs is a good age and I'm sure he/she had a good life with you.

How do I encourage hedgehogs into my garden?

Posted: 15/01/2015 at 13:51

Mark, I don't see any reason not to put feed out for hedgehogs, especially in Winter when their normal food sources are absent. Of course they are wild animals and can generally get by but they are becoming rarer and like starlings and other 'classified red' animals, they need our help. Birds are wild animals but we feed them - there is no argument that this is the right thing to do.

If a hedgehog breaks it's hibernation and starts looking for food, it will possibly die. It has woken up because it is hungry or ill and does not have enough fat on it's body to get through the Winter so it starts foraging for food that isn't naturally around in Winter. Sue at Rochdale Hedgehog Rescue told me all this so it's on good authority.

Even in Summer, hedgehogs resort to slugs rather than eating them as a first preference; in fact eating too many slugs, which suffer from lungworm, passes this fatal disease onto the hedgehog as I understand it so an alternative food source would be good for them in my view.

Mark, if you decide to put food out, dried cat food (meat rather than fish based) and/or dried mealworms are nutritious and neither will freeze or become putrified outside. My own ideas of how to stop cats getting at these is maybe to put a couple of bricks on their sides, parallel to each other and about 6" apart, and place something on top and astride the bricks to form a tunnel which only the hog can get into. I found the hog that I am currently overwintering under my bird feeder so knowing that he will go there when I release him in Spring, I will place the feed tunnel under the feeder.

It sounds like you have had hogs in your garden previously so you can't be doing much wrong in terms of your garden's suitability for them! Let a bit of your garden go wild and a bit messy, beside or behind a shed maybe, and throw swept up leaves down there along with twigs and any logs you have. Make sure your boundaries have escape routes in them - hogs roam through as many as 10 gardens each night looking for food. Grow a patch of wild or insect benificial flowers so that they have a source of insects and bugs to eat.

Here is a great hedgehog site which I have used to help me overwinter my hedgehog (he is still hibernating by the way!)

Whatever you decide to do, good luck and here's hoping you spy those lovely cuteys again in your garden.

Hedgehog Rescue

Posted: 11/01/2015 at 19:54

Our cat Katie is very poorly and the vet can't find out what is wrong with her. I fear we are going to lose her and it's a question of when to do the right thing for her. The vet is phoning us tomorrow morning to discuss things with us.

It's hard, as anyone who has animals will know.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Hoggy is still asleep!!


Hedgehog Rescue

Posted: 11/01/2015 at 09:54

They are fine to pick up, as Steve says, just wear thick gloves (or a pair of rubber gloves over thin gardening gloves as I did). Slip both of your hands around their body gently and pick them up. They tend to tense up but it's just them instinctively bringing out their spikes to protect themselves. 

Bob looks lovely by the way.

The rescue lady told me that if you have one hedgehog in your garden you will have several.

I am handling my fella as little as possible so that he fully retains his natural fear of predators. When he was awake he walks around his cage and appears not to worry about my presence, I think that's probably due to their generally poor eyesight. When I put my hand in the cage to clean it out or feed him, he tends to just go still, probably hoping I won't see him if he doesn't move. Poor lad was eating a bit of roast potato that had fallen off the bird feeder when I first saw him. He must have been very hungry.

He is still hibernating by the way. The gales we are having in Lancashire are keeping us awake, but they haven't bothered him!

I have him in the greenhouse, which we can see from our conservatory. I can see right into his cage without going out to him so I will know if he comes out of hibernation.

Our cat is very poorly at the moment, our loyal and loving friend of 13 years,  and we are going through an upsetting time with her but despite that It makes me smile whenever I see the hedgehog curled up, warm and safe.

Thanks for all your interest.



Hedgehog Rescue

Posted: 10/01/2015 at 09:29

I will keep people posted. Not much to report currently as, despite strong gales here last night, hog just slept through it all!

I found a hoglet about 3 years ago, in Autumn, again wandering around during the day looking for food (and his Mum I think). I managed to get him to a rescue centre for the Winter. It's certainly worth keeping an eye out for them in case they are in trouble. When I took my current hog to the centre Sue there told me that if they are out during the day they are looking for food and are probably too hungry to hibernate. But in Winter their natural food sources just aren't available so they need to be recovered and fed up. She indicated that he might have a chance if I just got him up to weight and let him go, but was then delighted when we told her we'd keep him safe until the warm weather.

Hedgehog Rescue

Posted: 09/01/2015 at 16:08

Here are some photos of an adult male hedgehog that we rescued 5 days ago who we found eating bird seed under our bird feeder in broad daylight.
I knew he should be hibernating and that any hedgehog seen during the day is in trouble, especially during hibernation. We took him to Rochdale Hedgehog rescue who checked him over, injected him against various nasty diseases and declared him fit but underweight. He had been searching for food, hence the break in hibernation. If we hadn't recovered him he would have died.

We agreed to over winter him in our greenhouse.

He ate lots of cat food, dried meal worms and sunflower hearts over a period of 3 days. We have the loan of a puppy cage from a kind neighbour and lots of old newspapers appeared in our porch!
He amused us by falling asleep in his food bowl, and his water bowl, and once with his snout positioned in the food bowl!
On the third day we had the idea of using an old plastic sweet jar as a sleeping place for him. We put shredded paper in there and within an hour he had curled up to sleep - in fact he decided to hibernate and hasn't moved since! He has water and dried mealworms awaiting his awakening which may happen in 5 days/10 days or at the start of Spring.

We are happy that we have saved him, he is safe where he is and we will let him free when the warm weather returns.

It's such a privilege to be able to help this animal whose species is now uncommon. It's also rewarding to know that I have a garden suitable for hedgehogs.

Have other forum members been through this experience?


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