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Rabbit's on the allotment and other Q's...

Posted: 10/02/2014 at 16:22

Just to add my experiences - rabbits can't jump very high but they can climb up and over 1 metre high fencing, so go taller. They can dig under anything, including my dry-stone walls. Get small-size mesh chicken wire as the babies can get through the larger size. Don't expect it to last long as rabbits can bite through the wire, you have to keep checking for breaches. And don't expect to win - the rabbits always find a way!

choosing and growing honeyberry

Posted: 10/02/2014 at 15:37

Found it - it's a Lonicera (honeysuckle) - should have guessed!

choosing and growing honeyberry

Posted: 10/02/2014 at 15:33

Never heard of honeyberry - what's the scientific name?

Snowdrop Walk - East Anglia

Posted: 09/02/2014 at 22:23

You're right, Chicky, but she is very photogenic!

Snowdrop Walk - East Anglia

Posted: 09/02/2014 at 22:15

My favourite:

 Still not sure if I like this or not:


Snowdrop Walk - East Anglia

Posted: 09/02/2014 at 19:21

I had a great day, it's a lovely place for winter colour. And I got to see Nut's stunning garden as well! Thanks for the company, folks.

Snowdrop Walk - East Anglia

Posted: 08/02/2014 at 17:35

I've just sorted out all my seeds, I've got lots that I don't need. I'll bring them along tomorrow and you can all fight over them! Mostly free veg ones from last year's magazines, plus a few that are slightly out of date - I'm not doing veg this year, apart from potatoes.

First Spring Flowers

Posted: 08/02/2014 at 16:29

The first Helleborus orientalis opened today - a nice pink colour. I love to turn them up to see their faces. The winter aconites are a lovely splash of yellow.

How often do you feed your Annuals?

Posted: 07/02/2014 at 19:45

Do you mean bedding annuals? In pots or in the ground?

PlantSpotting. A Conceptual Project.

Posted: 07/02/2014 at 11:29

Serious botanists would be very excited about this idea if it works, particularly where microspecies are involved, like Rubus or Taraxacum. But as Edd says, it would all depend on the database availability. Amazing to think that the technology is nearly there for a handheld genotyping device.

It would be a real shame if it ended up with the loss of the observational skills that make botany so fascinating, though.

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