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sweet violet

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 14:13

Sweet violets, Viola odorata, are supposed to have a perfume but many people can't detect it these days - I am one of them. They are beautiful anyway, and come in several different colour forms as well as purple. They can make very large patches as they spread by stolons, but they are easy to pull up if they go where they are not wanted. They are not fussy about conditions.

Help identifying this little beauty

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 14:06

It sounds like it might be Lamprocapnos spectabilis, which has little pink hearts dangling from it.

sweet violet

Posted: 15/04/2015 at 19:02

Just be aware that sweet violets and wood violets are different species. They don't mind really dry soil, in either case.


Posted: 15/04/2015 at 18:59

OK, that's not a moss at all, it's a herbaceous plant that looks a bit like a moss. It likes to grow pressed close to the ground, forming a mat. In the wild, it often grows on paths and tracks. It's very tiny (2-4 cm) and seems to survive grazing and trampling. The common name is Heath Pearlwort.

ID Please

Posted: 15/04/2015 at 16:53

It's Geum urbanum, Herb Bennett or Wood Avens. It's a common garden weed and is quite tough to dig out.


Posted: 15/04/2015 at 16:52

There are six different plants known as Irish Moss, always best to use the scientific name if you know it. It normally refers to a seaweed, presumably you don't mean that!

Mystery plant

Posted: 15/04/2015 at 16:47

Looks like an Arum Lily, Zantedeschia aethiopia. No idea how to care for though - someone else will be along in a minute!

Correspondence courses for RHS qualifications

Posted: 14/04/2015 at 19:04

There have been threads about this, try doing a search on the site.

Stubborn Weed

Posted: 14/04/2015 at 19:01

AlexX, yours looks like Bloody Cranesbill - an appropriate name in your case! It's a different leaf to the one the OP is asking about.

The usual "thug" is Geranium x endressii, which has pink flowers and is very vigorous. I don't know of a geranium with green flowers.

3 for ID please

Posted: 14/04/2015 at 11:52

The Viola odorata var. sulfurea is lovely, I saw a mass of them in a churchyard on Good Friday. 

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