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Best butterfly plants

Posted: Today at 08:26

Sorry just read you were asking specifically about plants for butterflies not bees - choisya may still attract them because there are a lot in the garden at the moment and the blossom has so far been from a prunus, a malus, several choisya and my apple tree - apart from the usual spring bulbs.  I'm not sure which plants are bringing them in but there are lots fluttering around - I love the little white ones that flit around like fairies, of which there are lots, but there are also reddish brown ones and red and brown ones - you can see I mug up on the real species names before coming on.

Best butterfly plants

Posted: Yesterday at 14:38

The bees are fairly buzzing around my choisya sundance which is in full bloom at the moment

poorly plant eek!

Posted: Yesterday at 12:15

Hi Carol did you mean to post a photo?

when do i take root cuttings of Japanese anemones?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:02

Gosh Cotty, I've been so unnerved by posters sightings of Japanese K that I was aghast to read that you actually want to take cuttings.....I had to re-read your title and still find myself doing a double take when I come across it.

Human irrigation system

Posted: Yesterday at 11:58

Very best wishes Mike xxx

Oh no, lily beetles are back!

Posted: Yesterday at 11:24

Just spotted one this morning - went to get gloves on before I could squish it and it had gone by the time I went back.

The dreaded JKW?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:15

I have painters doing the outside of the house and I feel in their way if I go out and potter so I'm doing the next best thing and virtual gardening here today.  There seem to be so many posts about the dreaded 'unmentionable' it is so scary.  It's amazing how relieved I feel when I hear you have a diagnosis of bindweed - isn't that awful - but it is so much better than the other.  I have bindweed which before had me in fits but now I'm so grateful that I don't have the other that I almost feel kindly towards it.  A friend of mine had the other and it was so distressing to see what she went through.

What do you think this is?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:08

Oh Kate I really felt for you there -  my heart sinks at the very thought - thank goodness.

I have a birthday this year so what are ŷou going to get me?

Posted: 28/03/2014 at 09:14

Verdun - I've laughed all the way through this thread and, as a result of the glee and enjoyment you have brought - decided that I would buy you lots and lots of delights.  But  because I don't know what you like I will buy everything based on what I would like to receive myself.  Then I'll do what I usually do - decide I like everything too much to part with and keep it all.  But  it is the thought that counts......

What would you treat yourself to?

Posted: 23/03/2014 at 00:08

Yes Stargaze!! Thank you  I was going to wow you with the done deed ie in full bloom but I suppose that could be a few months away yet To be honest I splurged and overspent but it was a lovely day of indulgence.I bought:a dahlia 'lilac shadow' and a dahlia 'hartenaas', three packets of small bulbs: sparaxis, freesias and babianas. I've planted the freesias and the babianas so don't have the packet to put in the photo. I can't plant the others until next month.

They were all unbelievably cheap especially the dahlias which were only 2 euros each.In addition, I bought some seeds: tomatoes, red basil, parsley, peppers, coriander and mint and you can see them coming up nicely (three of the empty spaces are my bird of paradise seeds – which I've actually had for a couple of years and finally planted – so far they haven't put in an appearance).

So I got all this for under 20 euros in Carrefour's garden centre and on the way home – still with some money burning a hole in my pocket, I went into a lovely little garden centre and couldn't resist the little plant stand that the packets are on in the photo – I also succumbed to a string of exquisite fairy lights in the style of white metal wire balls for the conservatory. My £30 gift may have cost me quite a bit more but it also included a great day out because I had such a lovely time. As for what I bought, well, everything can come with me should I move so I will always have them to treasure (well apart from the herbs which we'll have devoured).

I haven't heard of the soil maker Edd - I will have to do some research on that - it sounds intriguing....and Lindy no please don't encourage me, that sounds too tempting


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