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Allotment finds

Posted: 23/09/2012 at 23:17

I'm not really sure where to put this (or even if it should be on here at all to be honest) but I have no idea where to start.

We've had an allotment for two months so far (formerly a farmer's field and pretty much a new plot) and we've spent ages digging and improving the soil in a third of it (about 20 foot by 20). In that time we've dug up quite a lot of terracotta, ceramics, bone, glass and even a WWII service uniform badge.

This pot's about 4-5 inches deep with various bits and bobs.



And this is the most interesting little piece of pottery so far.


I've tried looking for old maps of the area and trying to research what various bits of pot might be and how old they are but am not having much luck. I know there has been an army base nearby as well as a decoy airfield during the war, but my searches for more information (including local history sites) has drawn a blank.

I'm hoping some knowlegeable chap or chapess might be able to identify the second pic, or have some suggestions on how I could find out more about what we've been digging up.



Can anything be started now for next spring/summer?

Posted: 23/09/2012 at 14:14

Autumn varieties of broad beans, onion sets, garlic, lettuce can all be started now to plant out during this autumn. Some varieties of peas too if you have a cold frame or a green house for the winter. Cabbages if you can buy young plants from a local garden centre or nursery should still be ok.

I'm sure there are more that I'm missing too.

Fork Handles

Posted: 23/09/2012 at 12:55

Geoff, great to see young Paulo in goal for the Saints yesterday and of course your first win.

I'm planning on being very lazy today and doing as little as possible


Fork Handles

Posted: 22/09/2012 at 13:00

Afternoon all, sunny here and looks like it might be a while before we get another sunny day. We're going to make the most of it and head off to the allotment, we've been digging a large bed all week (about 9m x 2m), it's taken ages and I ache in places I didn't know could ache, but there's nothing quite like looking back at all the hard work when it's finished.

I'm waiting to put in seeds, winter lettuce and broad beans are top of the list for me, OH is waiting a few more days (maybe weeks) before starting on the many packets of sweetpeas he's amassed from the great big Wyevale 50p seed sell off.

Hope everyone has a great day and not too many of you have to put up with horrid soup for tea.

deleting gardeners world account

Posted: 22/09/2012 at 12:52

If the adverts are that much of an issue then an adblocker will sort it out (I downloaded the one Geoff suggested a while back because the way the ad unfolded over the forum made it difficult to use). I'm glad I did too as it has cleaned up other sites I visit.

Still the OP seems to be having some problems understanding that this site and the magazine have nothing to do with the Beeb.

Pickling Beetroot Recipes

Posted: 21/09/2012 at 20:12

Thank you russianmama, I'll certainly use your pickle recipe. I skinned the beetroots last time I tried it, that's why they must have lost their colour when I boiled them.

I'm not sure I'm adventurous enough for beetroot and blackcurrant jelly, but if I get given any more I'll try it.

Thanks again


Pickling Beetroot Recipes

Posted: 21/09/2012 at 11:58

Hi all, just wondring if any of you guys have a tasty recipe for pickling beetroots as I was given a fair few yesterday (would like to say I'd grown them myself but alas, no). I have done it in the past but the colour leeched from the roots so I guess I did something wrong.

Any advice and tasty tips would be more than welcome.

name of flowering plant

Posted: 17/09/2012 at 00:32

Lots of people are having trouble posting photos at the moment.

Gardeners' Question Time

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 23:50

It annoys me when plants aren't given their proper names. If you want to buy or look up a specific plant it's not much use only having the family name, and from experience the common name might not be that much use either.

Fork Handles

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 19:07

Thanks Gary, I'll probably give DA a watch tonight and see what I think.

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